Lambán warns that Aragón does not accept “subordinate positions” in the 2030 Olympic bid

ZARAGOZA, Jan. 28 (.) –

The President of the Government of Aragon, Javier Lambán, has warned this Friday that the region will not accept “subordinate positions” in the candidacy for the 2030 Winter Olympics and has made it clear that it has the same institutional status as Catalonia, being both autonomous communities.

Lambán has insisted that the Generalitat of Catalonia must accept “the rules” for the preparation of the candidacy, stressing that “the leadership” corresponds to the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE) and if the Generalitat does not accept it, a candidacy cannot be presented.

He has stated that Aragon has “more arguments and resources” than Catalonia in terms of winter sports events and has noted that the decision to organize more or fewer sports events in one region or another, if these Games are held in the Pyrenees, will be ” technique” and will correspond to the COE.

The president explained his decision not to meet this Friday, as announced, with his Catalan counterpart, Pere Aragonès, in Balaguer (Lérida), having detected the “null will to reach agreements” in the preparations for the meeting, the “lack of institutional respect” because the Generalitat informed the DGA that there would be no joint appearance after the meeting and because of Aragonès’s refusal to “redirect” the situation. Javier Lambán has decided to postpone the meeting.

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