LaLiga Tech and Sevilla FC create a service to recover millions in transfer compensation

MADRID, Dec. 12 (.) –

LaLiga’s technological subsidiary (LaLiga Tech) and Sevilla FC announced a new consultancy service, called ‘Transfer Tracker’, which will allow clubs to recover millions of euros in lost transfer compensation, within the framework of the established solidarity mechanism by FIFA.

“LaLiga Tech, LaLiga’s technological subsidiary, and Sevilla FC have announced the launch of Transfer Tracker, a new legal and technological consultancy service for football teams, which will allow them to obtain unclaimed income from those compensations derived from the mechanism of solidarity from FIFA”, explained LaLiga in a statement.

This tool will allow clubs from all over the world to claim solidarity payments for transfers related to players who have passed through their academies or base teams. The current regulations recognize that when a player is transferred, the club that formed him can claim up to 5 percent of his value.

‘Transfer Tracker’ is the only solution available on the market to identify, check and claim the solidarity mechanism from retroactive transfers before they expire. According to the latest estimates, there is more than $1.2 billion in unclaimed compensation that clubs are entitled to request.

The service can be contracted for free, and specialized members will analyze the transfer market to identify all those transactions that may claim said solidarity mechanism. “Subsequently, various actions will be launched to ensure payment, from conversations between the clubs involved in the transfer to the claim before the FIFA bodies if necessary,” the statement added.

The system has been initially developed and operated over the last two years by the data and legal department of Sevilla FC in the context of its strategic innovation policy implemented across both the sports and business areas of the entity. Thanks to this system, Sevilla FC has identified more than 700 movements of players trained in the entity within the framework of 53 different competitions. As a result, Sevilla FC has generated more than 1 million euros in collections associated with the solidarity mechanism.

The director of LaLiga Tech’s Value Proposition area, Marcos González Bertolín, assured that there are world-class academies that are producing and exporting “incredible soccer talents” but are not receiving the compensation they deserve. “We’ve created ‘Transfer Tracker’ to help clubs of all sizes discover and receive this additional income, without having to invest their own time and resources,” he said.

Using a robust data system co-developed with Sevilla FC, we offer the fastest possible way to negotiate the claims process and generate further growth for the football ecosystem.”

For his part, the general director of Sevilla FC, José María Cruz, commented that the football industry is “missing” the opportunity to obtain a new source of income. “It is a silent drama that the vast majority of clubs suffer and that affects training clubs with fewer resources to a greater extent. We are proud to generate innovation together with LaLiga Tech to alleviate this competitive disadvantage that rewards buying clubs over those trainers,” he said.

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