Labor announces a no-confidence motion for Prime Minister Boris Johnson to leave

Keir Starmerthe leader of the British Labor Party, will present a confidence motion on Tuesday against Prime Minister Boris Johnson, as published by various English media. Progressive parliamentarians will put pressure on the Tories to expel their leader before the end of the internal leadership race, scheduled for September 5.

The no-confidence motion, whose vote would take place on Wednesday, means that lawmakers from all parties represented in parliament can vote on whether the government, currently in Johnson’s hands, should remain in office. If he loses the vote, a general election could be triggered.

This is the first time such a vote has been held since Jeremy Corbyn presented a vote of confidence in Theresa May’s administration in January 2019, following a historic defeat on her Brexit plans.

However, it is unlikely – the English media point out – that the Labor motion will go ahead. Despite the incessant trickle of resignations that occurred last week, many parliamentarians Tories They now accept Johnson’s interim.

The Conservatives, in the battle to replace Johnson

At the moment, at least eleven candidates have applied to succeed Johnson, including the one who was economy minister during the pandemic, Rishi Sunakand the still Foreign Minister, Liz Truss.

While Sunak already has the 36 nominations, other colleagues are expected to fall by the wayside by not bringing them together. Although the former chancellor of the Exchequer is the favorite of the bookmakers, a survey among conservative bases places in first place Penny Mordauntcurrently Secretary of State for Trade who was previously Defense Minister in Theresa May’s Tory Executive.

Members also support the relatively unknown Kemi BadenochSecretary of State for Equality, and Sunak in third place, while the last positions are occupied by Sajid Javid – health minister whose resignation on Tuesday precipitated Johnson’s downfall; Grant Shapps, Minister for Transport; and the Minister of the Interior, Pritti Patel – who has not yet confirmed if he will apply.


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