Koeman: “Xavi’s Barça situation is the same as mine”

“I didn’t have Laporta’s support, I hope he has learned and supports Xavi”

“I don’t feel that I have failed at Barça, far from it”


The former coach of FC Barcelona Ronald Koeman has ensured that the current situation of the first team under Xavi Hernández is “the same” as in his time on the bench, so he believes that a coach cannot be blamed, that changing being a coach is not always synonymous with improvement and, yes, he asked Xavi for “maximum support” from the environment and, specifically, from a president Joan Laporta whom he blamed for not giving him full confidence at the time.

“It is true that the situation of Xavi’s Barça is the same as mine. It means that changing a coach is not always something to be able to improve. The only thing I ask is support for Xavi, because no coach is the only one to blame. I don’t I had the full support of the president, I hope he has learned from this and does support Xavi,” Koeman assured the media after presenting the ‘Koeman Cup’ charity golf tournament.

Koeman was critical of the way Laporta handled his exit. “I did not like that the president said ‘off the record’ that he did not know if he was going to continue or not, that there were doubts, and that is not good or what a coach needs. Even if they kick you out, on an internal level you have to talk about it everything but outwards you have to defend the coach, because if he doesn’t train, it’s even more complicated”, recognized the Dutch coach, who suffered in that period of time in which his position was in doubt.

“I hope that the president knows the situation of the club, which is very sad and it hurts me because I am a culé. I continue to live in Barcelona, ​​I will be the coach of the Netherlands from January and I ask Xavi for maximum support, because he is a legend, a very good coach and the house, and not much to blame for Barça being in this situation,” Koeman reiterated in this regard.

And, with Xavi, he acknowledged that the team has improved “in some things”, but for having signed. “It is not good to compare, when I left Barça was 8 points behind Madrid and now they are almost double. It is not good to compare. Generally, Xavi’s job is just as complicated as the one I had, due to the situation at the club “, defended the one from Terrassa.

“If the last games at home are lost, it’s for something. We also lost. It’s the reality of Barça and we have to accept it, and we have to support the team because Barça needs time to return to what it has been. I ask peace of mind, you have to think in the long term and give confidence and support to the coach”, he repeated.

In addition, he made a positive assessment of his time as Blaugrana coach, with a Copa del Rey won in a season and a half. “I don’t feel like a coach who has failed, far from it. We failed in Granada in LaLiga but we stayed with a Cup title, and if you win something it’s not a failure,” he said.

“I have defended the club every day, accepting departures from players for the good of the club… There will be things that I might have to change, we are human, and I had mistakes as a coach, like any coach except Pep Guardiola, who is the the only one who does everything well”, he assured, sincere.

He also asked that he not be attacked for having changed the so-called ‘Barça DNA’. “You cannot blame a coach for losing the Barça DNA because there are many ways to win. We won the Cup with great football. There is no clear system today and it depends on the players you have. And it is true that today the Barça cannot sign the best players in the world and that distances you from the best, like City or Liverpool today,” he warned.

On a personal level, he believes that he is still loved in Barcelona, ​​where he continues to live. “There are people who criticize and it’s normal. But many Catalans still love me, they know it’s been a very difficult time at the club, and I’m from Barça and that love hasn’t changed and hopefully we can continue celebrating titles with Barça. With Xavi, with Jordi Cruyff, with the youngsters and hopefully with Frenkie de Jong, who wants to succeed at Barça…. We all want Barça to win”, he was honest.

“I could write a book about my year and a half at Barça. We went through the coronavirus, there was no president, I had to answer all kinds of questions, the players I wanted could not be signed, with a complicated financial fair-play. one day to the next we were left without Messi, the best in the world. Without Griezmann, on the last day of the market. I was criticized a lot for Luuk de Jong, and luckily he gave Barça points by scoring in the last stretch of games.” , He summarized about his year and a half on the culé bench.


Ronald Koeman will be the host and godfather of the ‘Koeman Cup by Fundación Sportium’ charity golf tournament, which will be held on July 7 and 8 at the Barcelona Golf Club in Sant Esteve Sesrovires, with profits going to the Cruyff Foundation.

“I am very happy to be here and to announce the second edition of the Koeman Cup. Last year the benefits went to the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, now they will go to the Cruyff Foundation. In a special year, Johan had to turn 75 and its foundation celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. Because of the love of the foundation, I am an ambassador along with many other people,” said the Dutchman.

For her part, the director of the Cruyff Foundation, Pati Roura, assured that they will allocate the profits from the tournament to a program of social transformation, an educational program for vulnerable young people. “Whenever we ask Ronald to collaborate with us, he does so, but this time it was him who wanted to donate the profits to the foundation, and we are very grateful to him,” she said.

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