Klopp: “What Real Madrid did was outstanding, they deserve to be in the final”

He criticizes the distribution of UEFA tickets: “Where are the 35,000 leftovers?”


Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp has assured that Real Madrid’s comeback against Manchester City was “outstanding” and that the white team “deserves to be in the final”, in which he regrets that there are “35,000 tickets” that cannot be in the hands of the fans, in addition to being convinced that Pep Guardiola’s men will rise from the “tremendous blow” to try to defend the leadership of the Premier League.

“It was weird and unfortunate for City, but what Real Madrid did was outstanding. They went through against PSG, Chelsea and City, and if you know those three, you definitely deserve to be in the final. It will be great,” he said. press conference on the final between the ‘reds’ and madridistas on May 28 at the Parc des Princes in Paris.

In addition, he was “happy” to have “another opportunity” to raise the ‘Champions’ against the whites, who deprived him of glory in the 2018 final in kyiv. “When we lost that final, my solution would have been to play the final the following year against Real Madrid, but we played Tottenham in Madrid. It seems to be our destiny,” he joked.

“Until then, there are many games to play, so we can stop talking about Real Madrid until then. What Carlo did was incredible, but we will work on the final in the week between 22 and 28, not before,” he warned. “In 23 days we will know everything. The feeling is good,” he said.

On the other hand, the German coach was very critical of the distribution of tickets that UEFA has made for the final in the Parc des Princes; the Parisian venue has a capacity of more than 81,000 spectators, but both clubs have received only 19,618 tickets each, well below half the capacity of the stadium.

“When you look at the ticket prices and all that kind of stuff, the number of tickets you get… Is it correct that we only get 20,000, they get another 20,000 and there’s 75,000? That makes 35,000 left over. Where do these tickets go?” , he questioned.

In this sense, he recalled that the tickets “are really expensive” and that he “can’t” “be more grateful” for what his fans are doing. “I hope everyone can somehow get to Paris and create an amazing atmosphere. I think Paris is big enough that you can go there without a ticket and have a good time,” he said.

Regarding this Saturday’s duel against Tottenham, Klopp assured that it is “a huge test” that can give them the lead if Manchester City fails. “People from outside will say that it is difficult for Liverpool and we think so too. Tottenham have great quality and don’t worry too much away from home about having the ball all the time, they are compact and play on the counter,” he said. .

However, he is convinced that Pep Guardiola’s men will be prepared to face their match against Newcastle despite the blow. “City are very good. It was a tremendous blow for them, really hard. I’ve had nights like that, it’s not nice, the next morning you’re not great, but then there’s a moment where you have to focus. They’ll be ready to play.” against Newcastle on Sunday,” he warned.

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