Klin Kaara : Oh.. I missed it!.. Upasana, Ram Charan’s comment on Klin Kaara Varalakshmi Vrat

Ram Charan’s mega house is full of celebrations with the arrival of Cleankara. Expectations for more than ten years have been rewarded. Everyone knows about Chiranjeevi’s posts announcing that he has become a grandfather and the joy in Chiru’s eyes when he picks up the Kleenkara and plays with it. Chiranjeevi was the first to announce that Ram Charan and Upasana are going to be parents. Chiruye also posted earlier that Kleenkara was born.

Chiru said that this birthday is very special for him and it became very special with the arrival of Kleenkara. And Upasana has also become special in many ways. For the first time, Varalakshmi did the Vrat with her daughter. I can’t ask for more than this.. My first Varalakshmi vratam with Kleenkara was a celebrated upasana.

It seems that Ram Charan did not sit in this puja as he was busy with the shooting of the film. It is known that the shooting of the Game Changer movie is currently going on in full swing. That’s why Ram Charan seems to be absent from this puja. Ram Charan made a post saying that he was sad to miss him. He made a funny comment saying that emoji is good.

Everyone knows how viral Ram Charan’s latest look, photos and videos have become. Videos of Niharika making Rakhi have become a trend on the net. Everyone went crazy for Ram Charan’s handsome look. Looking at Ram Charan’s look, it looks like he is shooting flash back scenes from the movie Game Changer.

The release date of the Game Changer movie is still not clear. When Dil Raju is asked to give updates, he says everything is in Shankar’s hands. Will the movie come out by summer next year? Or? There is no clarity. It seems that Shankar feels that after completing the movie Indian 2, he should drop the game changer.

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