King Constantine of Greece, uncle of Felipe VI and brother of Queen Sofia, dies

MADRID, 10 (.)

King Constantine of Greece, the uncle of King Felipe VI and brother of Queen Sofía, died this Tuesday at the age of 82 after being admitted in serious condition to a private hospital in Athens, the Hygenia center, due to health problems.

According to local Greek media, Constantine of Greece may have suffered a stroke at home at the age of 82, while others point to an admission caused by the coronavirus, although at the moment there is no official confirmation from the Royal House about his death.

Queen Sofía has traveled to Athens after attending the last goodbye of Pope Benedict XVI. Her children, who live abroad, have also accompanied the monarch in his last days, as well as his wife, Ana María of Greece.

The state of health of the Hellenic ex-king was very unstable for several years. At the beginning of 2022 he was hospitalized after contracting COVID-19 and in December 2021 he suffered an ischemic attack while he was with his wife in the Porto Heli palace.

The last public appearance of the monarch, who enjoyed great popularity, was on October 23, when he attended the wedding of his youngest son, Prince Philippos of Greece, with Nina Flohr in a wheelchair.

Constantine II was king of Greece from 1964 to 1973, when the monarchy was abolished by referendum in 1974. 75.6 percent of Greeks decided they wanted a republic as a form of state. After that, he spent a time living in London, as the newspaper ‘Ethnos’ recalled.

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