Kevin Strickland gets out of jail after 43 years locked up by mistake

Kevin Strickland was released nine days ago from prison, after passing by mistake 43 years locked up for a triple homicide he did not commit. The exreo goes in a wheelchair and he still hasn’t gotten used to freedom.

The 62-year-old ex-inmate was released after a New York court accepted Strickland’s innocence. His release was scheduled for August 3 but was postponed, so the prisoner could not attend his mother’s funeral, scheduled for the fourth day of the same month. Upon leaving prison, after one of the longest wrongful sentences in American history, the first place he visited was his mother’s grave.

The first trial to which Strickland appeared was void, but he was sentenced to life in prison at the second trial. Cynthia douglas, the only survivor, identified the exreo as responsible, later recanting. In addition, two of those convicted of the crimes assured that Strickland was not involved and, although there was no evidence linking him to the crime and he even had an alibi, he went to prison.

Strickland assured The country that he calls his cell room and that he is still waiting for the bell to ring that tells him that he can go to breakfast, as happened in the prison where he has been for more than four decades due to a judicial error. States that does not recognize his city, Kansas City, where he lived before being locked up. “I know I’m awake, but I can’t stop thinking that someone is going to shake me and say no, that I’m dreaming, that I’ve been taken for a ride, that I’m still in prison,” he says.

The case draws attention because now the man has become a millionaire after a fundraiser totaling $ 1.6 million.


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