Justice limits compensation to Sandro Rosell to 27 euros per day in jail

BARCELONA, Jan. 28 (.) –

The Ministry of Justice of the Spanish Government has asked the National Court, according to the lawyers of former FC Barcelona president Sandro Rosell, to limit the compensation that the businessman could receive to 27 euros per day in prison.

“In a controversial letter devoid of any legal logic, the Ministry of Justice has asked the National High Court not to recognize Sandro Rosell compensation for the unjust imprisonment of which he was a victim beyond 27 euros for each day deprivation of liberty,” Rosell’s lawyers sent in a statement.

Rosell filed a patrimonial responsibility lawsuit in 2020 in which he claims 29,754,465.02 euros for having spent two years in preventive detention under accusations of which he was acquitted in 2019.

It should be remembered that the former Blaugrana president was arrested in 2017 for allegedly integrating a network with which nearly 20 million were allegedly laundered as a result of the sale of the image rights of the Brazilian soccer team to a company based in Qatar.

But the First Section of the Criminal Chamber of the National High Court acquitted him in April 2019, like the rest of the accused, considering that the evidence was not conclusive, so when in doubt they ruled in favor of the defendants. . By then, Rosell had already spent 22 months in prison.

Rosell’s defense sees it as “surprising” that the Ministry of Justice denies that the resolutions of Sandro Rosell’s current contracts and the consequent economic loss are due to the specific cause of his imprisonment. “The Ministry of Justice considers that such damage would not have occurred if Sandro Rosell had claimed compliance with the contracts that bound him through the courts, as if the deprivation of liberty of one of the contracting parties did not constitute just cause for contractual termination. “, they argue.

“The Ministry of Justice has remained silent for more than 18 months, this being the first opportunity it gives us to know the position of the State in relation to the serious deprivation of rights perpetrated against Sandro Rosell. Sandro Rosell’s legal team maintains its confidence that the National High Court, far from reasoning without any legal basis, will repair the enormous damage inflicted by the investigating magistrate Carmen Lamela in the criminal procedure”, argues his defense.

On the other hand, sources close to Mr. Rosell reiterate his “firm will” to prevent by all legal means at his disposal that taxpayers end up paying for the “mess that was committed” given that, in their opinion, this is only attributable Judge Lamela and/or the environment in which she was sheltered.

“In this sense, Sandro Rosell, who has recently seen his amparo appeal before the Constitutional Court inadmissible for processing in relation to the complaint he filed against the aforementioned magistrate, has not been slow to raise the matter with the European Court of Human Rights” , reads the statement.

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