Judge dismisses lawsuit by former President Trump over Twitter ban

A judge has dismissed this Friday a lawsuit by the former president donald trump in which he alleged that the veto of his Twitter account violated his rights to privacy. freedom of expression and that this movement on the part of the platform was due to the pressure of the american congress.

The main social networks vetoed Trump’s accounts as a result of the storming the capitol of the United States of January 6, 2021 and his rhetoric against the legitimacy of the results of the presidential elections of November 2020 in which he was defeated by the current US president, Joe Biden.

Trump’s lawyers had argued in their lawsuit that Twitter was acting at the behest of the government because it suspended his account under pressure from Democratic lawmakers, according to the Bloomberg news agency.

The judge of the federal district court of San Francisco, james donatohas argued in his ruling that Twitter, where the former president once had close to 90 million followers, is a private company and that therefore the First Amendment applies only to government restrictions on speech and not to restrictions on speech. private companies.

Likewise, according to the CNBC network, Donato has rejected the idea that the prohibition has to do with the actions of the Government, the only way to defend the claim of the violation of the First Amendment.

Following the ban, the former president launched a new social media app called Truth Social, which went live last February. “This week we will begin its deployment in the Apple application store” and “by the end of March it will be fully operational, at least in the United States,” he said at the time.

This ruling also occurs within the framework of the purchase of the platform by the tycoon Elon Musk for a total of 43,394 million dollars (40,495 million euros). Trump assured this month that he would not return to the platform even if the multifaceted businessman, owner of Tesla, asked him to.

Twitter is a platform from which Trump had been very prolific both in disseminating his policies at the head of the White House as in his attacks and criticisms of political rivals, the media, and even the platform itself.


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