Juan Guaidó calls to defend constitutionality “above names or personal interests”

MADRID, Dec. 30 (.) –

The opposition leader of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, has made an appeal to defend the figure of president of the “interim government” beyond “names or personal interests” after the postponement of the regular session of the National Assembly that he planned to decide this Thursday the extension of his mandate.

The current president of the ‘interim government’ of Venezuela has affirmed that the decision to elect a new opposition leader “has nothing to do with Juan Guaidó”, but rather is “a tool to defend the interests” of all Venezuelans, as he has shared in a message via Twitter this Friday.

Guaidó has clarified that the majority that presides over the National Assembly, the Acción Democrática (AD), Primero Justicia (PJ) and Un Nuevo Tiempo (UNT) parties, have in their hands the decision to eliminate the presidency or “defend this constitutional figure and appoint new board on January 5”.

“You have the votes to destroy the figure of the interim presidency, not Maduro, but you also have the votes to maintain and appoint the people who make it up,” the opposition leader explained in a video statement on the same social network.

“Do what your conscience dictates, without destroying the institutionality that our fight requires,” added the leader, because as he has pointed out, the elimination of the figure of the interim presidency would only be possible through an amendment.

These statements come after the postponement of the second session of the National Assembly that was scheduled to decide on Thursday whether or not to extend the interim mandate of Juan Guaidó.

The session of the National Assembly that had been proposed for this December 29 has been postponed “according to the criteria of the members of the board of directors and deputies” for January 3, 2023, with the aim of achieving “a broader agreement for the country,” the assembly account posted on Twitter.


This decision also takes place in the midst of the tensions and discontent expressed by the opposition parties that do not see Guaidó as a solid candidate for re-election.

In this sense, some of the main Venezuelan opposition parties called last week through a statement for the cessation of the ‘interim government’ of opposition leader Juan Guaidó, after considering that almost four years after his proclamation he has not met the objectives expected.

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