Juan Antonio Delgado wins the primaries of Podemos in Andalusia

Juan Antonio Delgado He has won the Podemos primaries to lead the formation’s candidacy in the Andalusian elections. The deputy for Cádiz has remarked, even so, that he will work “relentlessly” to group the progressive parties into “a single ballot” so that “the extreme right does not enter the institutions.

Delgado has appeared before the media to announce the result. he has harvested 4,215 votes of the total of 5,932 that have been issued in these three days of the process (71.05%), according to data from Podemos.

The representative of the purple formation has stated that he assumes the responsibility of working to “convince” the unit to UI Already Theresa Rodriguez, leader of Adelante Andalucía. “I humbly and responsibly assume the work” of building “a fairer, more progressive, greener and more feminist Andalusia”, she has underlined. “I am going to work until the last minute for an agreement with IU, because I am aware of the strategic alliance.”

The objective is to form a joint application for the elections of June 19 and that Andalusian citizens have a single ballot of these leftist parties. The deadline to submit it is May 5.

Delgado does not specify who should lead the list and affirms that “the important thing is to go all together”

“It is what I am going to dedicate myself to in the next few hours and until the last minute,” he acknowledged. “There is no time to lose, we still have time to work on a comprehensive agreement,” she added. Regarding who should be the candidate to lead that single list of the left, Delgado has stated that “the important thing is to go all together. That’s the main thing “.” I’m going to do my bit to achieve it “, because, he has sentenced,” the left cannot afford to go apart “.

He has highlighted the level of participation in these primaries, since, as he has said, it has been higher than that of other votes that lasted for a week -in this case it has been three days-, which he believes shows “that the people want the transformation of Andalusia to begin” and to avoid another right-wing government.


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