Jordi Ribera: “The team hasn’t lost control when Slovenia has taken the lead”

MADRID, 20 Jan. (.) –

The national men’s handball coach, Jordi Ribera, celebrated this Friday’s victory against Slovenia, which allows them to advance to the quarterfinals of the World Cup, stressing that they have had “days of great tension” and that they did not lose “control” when his rival took the initiative on the scoreboard.

“They have been a few days of great tension because we were aware of what we were not playing, because there was also the possibility of entering a Pre-Olympic. We knew that it was a difficult game because Slovenia had a great tournament and that it was not going to be easy”, Ribera pointed out in statements provided by the RFEBM.

The coach believes that they started “the first ten minutes very well”, but from there his rival began to see the “weak points” of his team. “Perhaps we have gotten nervous and we have rushed into some decisions, and we have also needed to find that defensive point again that had given us stability in the first minutes,” he explained.

In addition, after the break, there was “a dangerous moment when they have taken the lead by a goal.” “We knew that if they took a goal ahead they know how to play perfectly with game times and that it was going to be difficult, but the team has managed to stay calm and not lose control in defensive work,” he warned.

Ribera stressed that in attack they knew how to “move, move and move, temporize and look for goal situations”, and that then the “3-0” set gave them “tranquility to continue working”. “It was a very meritorious game and a very good day for the team and all these new people who have made their debut at a World Cup because it was a game that really had many ingredients, the kind that help people learn and gain experience” , he stressed.

“It’s not easy to make your debut in a World Cup and know what you’re at stake, and some have been very good, but I won’t single out anyone because it’s a good group that works as a team and supports each other in difficult times, which there have been and However, the people have been able to get ahead and win an important game that classifies us for the quarterfinals without waiting for the last day and allows us to rest more,” he said.

For his part, the player Dani Dujshebaev, one of the most outstanding players in the match against Slovenia with 5 goals, stressed that the team is “doing their homework against very tough opponents”. “We are very happy, but we know what is ahead,” he warned with the match against France this Sunday, which will define who is first and second in Group I, on the horizon.

“We are a team that rotates a lot, we all play a lot of minutes, and that makes the difference at the end of the game. When other teams arrive tired, we arrive better physically, and that gives us a lot,” Dujshebaev concluded about one of the strengths of The hispanics’.

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