Joe Biden had a ‘small’ cancerous lesion removed from his skin

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The White House revealed on Friday that US President Joe Biden had surgery in February to remove a “small” cancerous lesion, detected during a routine medical check-up. The Head of State has already been operated on in the past for similar injuries.

Will this announcement be able to silence rumors about the state of health of the oldest American president? Joe Biden was operated on in February for a “small” lesion on his chest, which was found to be cancerous after examination, his doctor said on Friday March 3. He reported that “all cancerous tissue was successfully removed”.

Joe Biden’s cancerous lesion, detected and removed during the US president’s routine medical examination on February 16, is a “basal cell carcinoma” and “has no tendency to spread or cause metastases” , said the practitioner in a report made public by the White House.

This distinguishes it from “more serious” forms of skin cancer, such as melanoma, he wrote. Kevin O’Connor also said that the place where the lesion was had “healed well”.

Joe Biden ‘healthy’ and ‘fit’ for office

At the end of the medical visit on February 16, the doctor recalled that Joe Biden had “spent a lot of time in the sun during his youth” and that he had already, before being president, been operated on for cancerous lesions. .

He concluded at the time that the 80-year-old president, who intends to seek a second term in the 2024 presidential election, was “in good health” and “fit” to perform his duties.

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