Joan Mir: “Sharing a box with Marc Márquez is a huge challenge”

MADRID, 3 Jan. (.) –

MotoGP rider Joan Mir (Repsol Honda Team) described sharing a box with eight-time world champion Marc Márquez as a “huge challenge”, in a new stage – after Suzuki’s exit from the World Championship – which he faces with good feelings and wanting to take advantage of that second opportunity that comes to add a new World Cup in the premier class.

“Sharing the box with Marc is a huge challenge, but it can also be something very positive, because you are measuring yourself against the best driver on the grid and that will make you push and get something more out of yourself to perform a little better,” said the driver. in an interview facilitated by the team.

Mir was grateful for the treatment received upon his arrival at Honda and stressed the importance of having a good relationship between colleagues. “During training, Marc came up and I was able to talk to him about my feelings, I think it’s something that interests him to see the direction of work that is going to be taken. It’s important to listen to what your teammate says, especially when he comes from another team, since you can understand in which areas the bike can improve from another point of view”, he pointed out.

“When I was in the test I could see some things going around with it. It’s a very different bike to the ones I’ve ridden; it has to be ridden in a different way and you can gain a lot of time at the entrance of the corners. It gives you the power of a very different way to what I had experienced before. I was able to see this type of riding in Marc, since he has been riding it this way for many years and controls it perfectly”, he highlighted.

In this sense, the pilot analyzed his adaptation process to his new team and recognized the importance of the challenge. “My first feelings in the Valencia test with the Repsol Honda team were very good. It is clear that when you change teams you have to get to know all the people and adapt to the new dynamic, which is a little different. That is something that I will have to get used to it, but I liked the way of working”, he expressed.

“Reaching the most successful team in history is an enormous challenge. When you look at the past and the history that this team has, you get goosebumps. Being able to be part of it is an impressive pride and I really want to be there.” the height”, indicated who was MotoGP champion in 2020.

Of course, he acknowledged that he is facing this new stage in a “decisive” way and highlighted the importance of the moment. “We could define it as a second stage and it is a moment in which everything can go very well or quite badly. I face this stage with great desire to reach this team; I think we do it in a good way and I also believe that we can do good things,” he said.

Mir also talked about his goals for 2023, although he confessed that they will be “realistic”. “Trying to be fast and fighting for the podium. I think it’s something that can be achieved, although I know that I’m arriving at a difficult time and that realistic goals have to be set. At the beginning, adapting to the bike will be important to be able to feel comfortable and “I can speed up this adaptation process. A somewhat complicated first part of the season awaits me, but I am confident that we will put everything in its place and we will be able to start to really enjoy”, he asserted.

Lastly, the rider wanted to talk about the new biofuel that Repsol is working on and valued its importance in “making a difference” on the grid. “I think that Repsol’s work will be essential to be able to be competitive and to help us make a difference compared to the rest,” he added.

“Biofuel makes me think about the future and the present. In 2024, it will be a reality in the Championship and I am glad to know that the Repsol Honda team is already working so that we have the best biofuel and that the bike is more competitive. I’m looking forward to testing it, making the comparison and helping the Repsol technicians to develop it and fight for victories and championships”, he concluded.

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