Jenni Hermoso testifies before the judge this Tuesday and closes the proceedings of the ‘Rubiales case’

More than four months after the Spanish team won the Women’s World Cup held in Australia for the first time, one of its protagonists, Jennifer Hermosoratifies this Tuesday before the judge his version of the non-consensual kiss that the former president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) gave him Luis Rubiales at the presentation of trophies.

The first week of 2024 begins with its statement at the National Courtwhich is “predictably”, as stated by magistrate Francisco de Jorge in one of his last orders, the last procedure of the case.

A procedure that was opened last September, after the soccer player formalize your complaint before the Prosecutor’s Office for the actions of Rubiales, who, despite his initial reluctance, was forced to resign and has ended up disqualified by FIFA.

During the medal ceremony after the World Cup team’s victory in Sydney on August 20, Rubiales kissed Hermoso on the mouth, while holding his head with both hands.

A performance that caused a wave of indignation and resulted in the cry of #SeAcabó that Hermoso’s companions starred in, some of whom have ratified before the judge the pressures that the Mexican Pachuca player reported having suffered from both Rubiales and those around her for her to say that the kiss was consensual.

“I saw myself with the kiss on the mouth”

The player declared before the lieutenant prosecutor of the National Court, Marta Durantez, before proceedings were initiated, that she did not feel respected. “They were subjecting me to something that I never sought or did to find myself in that situation,” she said.

Beautiful: “At no time could I expect something like this to happen in the end”

“The next thing was his hands on my head and then I didn’t hear anything else. I saw myself with the kiss on the mouth and I immediately went down to the stage with my companions,” Hermoso recalled when asked by the prosecutor. “I didn’t even expect it“added the athlete.

“At no time could I expect something like this to happen in the end (…) In a person of trust “I don’t think anyone would expect that I was going to use that moment to do something like that, no matter how spontaneous it was,” reproached Hermoso, who also explained that when he got off the stage he told what happened with Rubiales to his teammates Alexia Putellas and Irene Paredes. .

Rubiales, cornered, did not leave office

The former president of the Federation, who at first refused to resignis being investigated in the National Court for a crime of sexual assault and another of coercion, the latter for the “situation of harassment” that, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, Hermoso experienced so that he could publicly defend his superior.

Faced with his version that the kiss was consensual froute of “effusiveness” and “spontaneity” of the celebration of the victory – given before the judge and before an Extraordinary General Assembly of the RFEF -, the world champion assured on the same day of said assembly in a statement through the FutPro union that “at no time” did she consent to it.

Three others investigated

Three other members of Rubiales’ team when he presided over the RFEF are also being investigated for the alleged pressure to which the player was subjected: former coach Jorge Vildathe director of the men’s team, Albert Luqueand the marketing manager of the federation, Ruben Rivera. All three deny coercing her.

The statements of some witnesses given throughout the case have shown some contradictions in the versions provided.

The president of the National Women’s Football Committee, Rafael del Amo, for example, denied having witnessed any type of coercion, but in turn recounted dynamics that he saw on the plane back to Spain, and declared that it was Rubiales who asked Vilda to speak with Hermoso’s brother after the kiss scandal.

A version that would not match that provided by Rubiales and Vilda: the first said that it was the then coach who decided to approach the player’s brother because he is a “reasonable guy”, and, in line with this statement, the coach indicated that he spoke with him “motu proprio“.

Now it will be Hermoso’s turn, who has not declared so far due to his commitments with his club in Mexico and with the national team, but whose appearance, set for tomorrow, has raised blisters among the defenses, who question the urgency of carrying out an investigation. on a day declared procedurally non-working by law.

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