Javier Lambán: “We have a year ahead of us to have a field at the level of Aragón and football”

MADRID, Jan. 20 (.) –

The president of the Diputación de Aragón, Javier Lambán, affirmed this Thursday that they have “a year ahead” so that in Zaragoza there can be “a soccer field at the level of Aragón” because he is clear that neither the region nor the city ” they can afford” not to be among the venues of the candidacy of Spain and Portugal to host the 2030 World Cup, a year in which they also aspire to host the Winter Olympics.

“We have a year ahead of us to recover something that has been with us since the beginning of the legislature and that is the need to have a field at the level of Aragón and what football is,” Lambán assured during his participation in the ‘Meeting Deportivo EP’, in collaboration with the Aragonese Football Federation (FAF), on the occasion of the Federation Centenary.

The leader warned that “the blessed pandemic caused a kind of interruption” for this project and that it is now “due to the imminence of certain dates in which Aragon must rise to the occasion” they need to resume it “with the haste that it requires and with the minimum pause so that Aragón is in 2030 the autonomous community of international sport on all four sides”.

Lambán recalled that in 2030 they want to host the Winter Olympic Games in the Pyrenees, a project in which they are “also in agreement with the Zaragoza City Council” and in which they try to get the Generalitat “to join in respecting the rules of the game of the IOC”.

“That year Spain and Portugal could be the organizers of the World Cup and we want Zaragoza to be the venue, so we need a soccer field adapted to the demands of a stadium capable of hosting international events like this,” he added.

In this sense, he indicated that there are “incipient conversations”, but that they are being carried out “through the channels of the most absolute discretion”. “It is quite difficult for no one to oppose that purpose because football is so strong and gives so much projection that having one or two teams in the First Division and having a stadium on a par with the best in Europe and that not only serves football but that it be a city facility, is a priority that transcends politics and becomes a priority for the country. Neither Aragon nor Zaragoza can afford to miss out on the opportunity of the World Cup or have a splendid pitch”, he underlined.

The Aragonese president highlighted “the immense capacity of football to project the image of an autonomous community and a country”. “I have been in China and Spain was known for Barca and Real Madrid. Zaragoza must have the vocation that we are also known for football and for them we need powerful teams and a football stadium”,

On the other hand, in relation to the celebration of the Centenary of the Aragonese Football Federation (FAF), he gave his support “to the magnificent management” of its president, Óscar Fle. “What is to come could be the most brilliant climax to your career,” he confessed.

“You have managed by being faithful to your principles and serving Aragonese football despite the problems. This Centenary should serve so that the collaboration materializes in a material and moral way. You have the institutional support of the Government of Aragon for your management, career and person” , sentenced.

In addition, he celebrated that SD Huesca has “amazed Spain in recent years” and that football “is sweeping Teruel” thanks to its First RFEF team, while the historic Real Zaragoza, “which is not going through its best moments” , asked him to “look at his history to gather strength to be one of the most important teams in Spain without giving up being one of Europe”.

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