Jaume Collboni signs Lluís Rabell, former leader of Catalonia Yes, he is Pot in Parliament

The political turn of Luis Rabell continue. Who was the head of the list of Catalonia Yes it is Pot –embryo of the current common ones– in the elections to the Parliament in 2015 has now signed up for the candidacy of Jaume Collboni for the Barcelona municipal elections next May. The former deputy of the Parliament of Catalonia and former president of the Federation of Neighborhood Associations of Barcelona (FAVB) will be part of the PSC candidacy in the next municipal elections. As the RAC 1 station has advanced this Monday, Collboni proposes that Rabell be a deputy mayor in charge of the Neighborhood Plan and Citizen Participation.

In 2015, before taking the step into institutional politics, Rabell had a long career as a neighborhood activist and, in fact, presided over the Federation of Barcelona Neighborhood Associations (FAVB), an entity with a highly critical discourse on the city model developed in previous years both by the PSC of Joan Clos and Jordi Hereu and by the CiU of Xavier Trias. from this position participated in the promotion of the candidacy that would lead Ada Colau –which would end up being called Barcelona en Comú– and which would turn the then activist for the right to housing into mayor.

Rabell, who at the time had been close to the EUiA, He came from positions relatively close to the independence movement and, in fact, he himself explained that in the participatory process of November 9, 2014, he voted in favor of the constitution of an independent Catalan republic. However, During the busiest years of processRabell gradually aligned himself with the theses most contrary to the independence movement within the confluence of the leftwhich articulated ICV, EUiA and Podemos.

In recent years, Rabell had already been progressively approaching the PSC, participating in party events and rejecting any self-determination referendum. In fact, in the summer of 2021 he became one of the vice presidents of the Portes Obertes del Catalanisme Foundation, clearly close to the Catalan socialists. Now it will be a month and, directly, he will become an elected position of a Barcelona PSC that is committed to large events and the further growth of tourism in the city, premises far removed from those that Rabell himself defended when he was in charge of the FAVB.

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