Jácome buys computers and cameras for 8,700 euros from the Ourense City Council without the regulatory process

The mayor of Ourense, Gonzalo Pérez Jácome, acquired “personally” computer and photography equipment at El Corte Inglés in Vigo for 8,698 euros charged to the City Council funds, without following the regulatory procedure for bidding and awarding public contracts and without informing which departments or workers of the City Council the equipment was assigned to.

This has been denounced by the former colleagues of Jácome in Democracia Ourensana (DO), the councilor’s party, who expelled them from it last fall after they accused him of embezzle training funds.

Jácome commissioned El Corte Inglés computer equipment worth 4,625 euros

According to the documentation to which this newspaper has had access, and which accompanies this article, Jácome ordered two HP laptops from El Corte Inglés de Vigo in June of last year, two desktop computers of the same brand and a hard disk of memory for a joint value of 4,625 euros, as well as two cameras for 3,946 euros.

Laptop budget breakdown. Juan Oliver

This is stated in the authorization delivery note for the sale of the company, dated on June 3, 2020, and in the confirmation email sent on the 1st of that month to the aforementioned store from the Mayor’s Office email address.

The mayor of Ourense personally acquired computers and cameras in El Corte Inglés with municipal funds for 8,700 euros
The delivery note and email from the Mayor’s Office confirming the Mayor’s purchases in El Corte Inglés. Juan Oliver

In the “Customer data” section, the delivery note includes “Ourense Council; Department / Section: Mayor; Employee name: Gonzalo”, and a DNI from the councilor related to the mayor who collected the purchase in person in Vigo.

On March 23rd, Manuel Alvarez, one of the councilors expelled from DO and today in the municipal group of those not attached, registered a written question in which he asked the Council to explain andn what date the El Corte Inglés invoice had been paid and based on which file the purchase of the material “made personally by the mayor” had been made.

Almost a year and a half after the operation and eight months after Álvarez’s question was registered, Jácome has offered no explanations.

The mayor announced that he will file a “criminal” complaint against the newspaper and the journalist

Public contacted him to inquire about the case and to ask if it was true that he had made the purchase bypassing the mandatory award procedure, but neither the councilor nor his press staff offered an answer to the questions from this medium. In fact, the mayor announced that he will present a “criminal” complaint against the newspaper and the journalist, and threatened the latter with also denouncing him “for harassment” if he spoke to him again.

The law of public sector contracts

The public sector contract law, which transposed the European legislation on procurement of public administrations into the Spanish legal system, considers that they should be considered csupply contracts, among others, “those whose purpose is the acquisition and leasing of telecommunications equipment and systems or for the treatment of information.”

In the event that their value does not exceed 15,000 euros, as with the purchase of Jácome in El Corte Inglés, they are considered minor contracts, which It is not an obstacle so that its award must be subject to prior approval of the expense and a report from the contracting authority that contains a “reasoned” justification of the need for the operation.

The mayor of Ourense personally acquired computers and cameras in El Corte Inglés with municipal funds for 8,700 euros
Budget breakdown for a Scooter. Juan Oliver

In addition, the law requires that these contracts be published at least with information on their purpose, duration and amount including VAT.
It is expected that next Friday the plenary session of the corporation will debate a motion of the non-attached that demands that the mayor renounce his municipal salary -around 69,000 euros per year- considering that it is incompatible with his private activity.

In hand, in cash and without declaring to the Treasury

The former colleagues of Jácome accuse him in that motion of seize last year 259,000 euros of subsidies of the Provincial Council and from the City Council of Ourense to his party, which he would have extracted through checks, bank transfers and advances of invoices charged to the account of the municipal group, to which only he had access as sole authorized holder, for alleged services provided by the television channel of which it is the owner.

Donations of up to 60% of the salary of several advisers hired by the councilor charged to the budget of the Provincial Council and the City Council, although at least three other collaborators of Jácome have confessed to the police that They gave him the bites in hand, in cash and without declaring to the Treasury.

The mayor of Ourense personally acquired computers and cameras in El Corte Inglés with municipal funds for 8,700 euros
Laptop budget breakdown. Juan Oliver

Recently, the socialist municipal group in the Ourense City Council denounced that Jácome is planning an expense close to 40,000 euros to acquire, from the municipal treasury, another eighteen laptops, fourteen high-end mobile phones of between 734 and 815 euros each, four watches for 370 euros each and a scooter, supposedly intended for his advisers.

The Provincial Prosecutor’s Office of Ourense last month filed a complaint against the mayor for a alleged crime of embezzlement of public funds, considering that there are indications that between 2015 and 2018 he diverted close to 100,000 euros from his party’s accounts. Mayor has appealed the admission to processing of the complaint, but the investigating judge has summoned him to testify as investigated on December 28.


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