IU squeezes Moreno with corruption after the judicial investigation of a mayor of the PP in the province of Malaga

The general coordinator of IU, Toni Valero, attacked this Tuesday against the president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juan Manuel Moreno Bonillaafter a court in Malaga has called the mayor of Alhaurín de la Torre (Málaga) to testify next week, Joaquin Villanova (PP), and its councilors to clarify if they could, as the Civil Guard maintains, commit any alleged crime –against the environment and prevarication– by supposedly allowing an unlicensed shooting club to contaminate a stream.

“The brand of the PP – affirmed Valero – is linked from power to malpractice. Alhaurín is joined by a trail of cases that run through Andalusia, we are in the context of what is happening in Marbella. The family of the mayoress of Marbella is being investigated for money laundering of money from drug trafficking and the mayoress presents a patrimony of which we have serious doubts about its origin”.

“[Alhaurín y Marbella] They are not separate things, but are part of the malpractice of the PP when it comes to power. And Moreno Bonilla shamefully does not ask for any explanation, because he understands that there is no mayor under investigation, that’s what he said with the mayoress of Marbella,” said Valero. “We already have a mayor under investigation in Alhaurín. Let’s see if he continues to treat a mayor who is being investigated by the courts with the same benevolence,” he stressed.

Valero demanded that Moreno “flee from that complacency with which, in an unacceptable way, he has gone along the line of hiding.” “We demand that Moreno Bonilla change his strategies, that he set an example and that he be relentless with corruption, this is already becoming a scandal and generates social alarm,” he closed.

The case of Alhaurin

In a report, made after the Prosecutor’s Office ordered an investigation into a complaint by two councilors from the left, Seprona states that “the full government team of the City Council has voted against exercising its own jurisdictionknowing the injustice that was taking place, in fact, lead ammunition continues to be poured into the bed of the Arroyo de la Breña, without any type of control or management”.

Add that the Department of Environment of the City Council, “despite being aware of the possible affectation of the Breña stream by lead and plate residues [… no ha] no file started requesting the possible declaration and delimitation of contaminated soil, as it is a potentially polluting activity”.

Seprona also believes that the City Council “knowing” that the shooting club facilities “lack an activity license” would be “allowing the illegal operation of such activity.”

The Civil Guard thus concludes that the councilor “is directly responsible […] of activity licenses [… y no ha exigido] the regularization of the activity through the exercise” of its powers. The agents add that, “like the rest of the government team, he voted against demanding the regularization of the activity of the shooting club, despite being obliged to do so.”

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