IU accuses three PSOE ministries of opacity regarding the actions of the extreme right in Ferraz

Izquierda Unida has accused the ministries of Defense, Interior and Territorial Policy and Democratic Memory of opacity and limiting in an “incomprehensible” way the information about the actions of the “ultra-right” in Ferraz, as well as for their failure to comply with the Democratic Memory Law.

In a statement, one of the parties that make up Sumar has assured that the three ministries, led by the PSOE, have avoided “providing specific data” or respond “based on generalities” to the questions that members of IU have asked them about the “continuous street incidents” carried out by far-right groups “sometimes cheered” by PP and Vox leaders.

Among other issues, the IU spokesperson in Congress, Enrique Santiago, and the deputies of Sumar Nahuel González and Agustín Santos They asked about the action that the Government intended to carry out after members of the National Police seized the pistol carried by an ensign, a student at the General Military Academy of Zaragoza, in the protests against the PSOE in Ferraz.

Specifically, they raised whether the Executive had “verified whether the student lieutenant was between people or accompanied by people who participated in the demonstration” or if “the Army plans to initiate sanctioning proceedings against the soldier who was carrying the weapon”.

“Both Interior and Defense avoid speaking out and responding to the deputies, and limit themselves to facilitating generic datawith explanations more than known already through the media,” IU denounced in its writing.

Failure to comply with the memory law

The Sumar deputies also questioned the ministries led by the PSOE for the “public” and “notorious” accompaniment of signs, flags, chants and allusions to “fascist and genocidal regimes” during the demonstrations, thus violating the Democratic Memory law.

“What measures are the State Security Forces and Bodies taking to guarantee full compliance with Law 20/2022, of October 19, on Democratic Memory?” either “How many people have been identified and proposals for sanctions for the exaltation of contrary signs?” are some of the questions that IU asked in this regard.

To these questions, the Ministry of Territorial Policy and Democratic Memory responded that “it has processed a disciplinary administrative file for public acts contrary to democratic memory in the Community of Madrid”, but without giving specific data, as denounced by the Sumar deputies.

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