Israel’s Supreme Court strikes down key law in Netanyahu’s judicial reform

The Law approved in June by the government of Benjamin Netanyahu eliminated the possibility of the Supreme Court nullifying government laws with another requirement to consider whether or not they were reasonablesince, as happens in other countries, Israel does not have a Constitution as such.

The rule was part of a far-reaching judicial reform that Netanyahu had undertaken, partly under pressure from his partners, partly motivated by his own legal problems and partly because of a situation that a sector of the Israeli electorate considers unreasonable because it could lead to excessive arbitrary power in the hands of the Supreme Court.

However, the announcement of the reform and the subsequent approval of this now revoked law had generated a strong response in Israeli societywith gigantic weekly demonstrations and mobilizations, as well as very harsh statements from various sectors outside of politics, even from the army.

It was about one of the greatest social fractures in the 75 years of history of Israel as a state, which has obviously been surpassed – or at least put on hold – after the brutal attack by Hamas on October 7 and the war against the terrorist organization in Gaza that has been developing since then.

A very tight majority

The rule, however, has been annulled by a very slim majority: eight judges have voted against him while seven have voted in favor. According to EFE, the ruling of the Israeli Supreme Court also defends that “it has the power” to judicially review the Basic Laws – the set of fundamental norms of the State to which a rank similar to the constitutional one is granted – and to intervene “in those rare and exceptional cases.” in which the Knesset – the Israeli parliament – ​​exceeds its constitutive authority.

Despite the exceptional moment that Israel is experiencing at the moment, it is about a very important political defeat for Netanyahuwhose very long career – he is the longest-serving prime minister in the entire history of the country – is already considered by many to be over due to the security and foresight failures that allowed Hamas to plan and carry out the massacre of 7- EITHER.

Something that bears no small parallel with what happened in the Yom Kippur War in 1973when Israeli intelligence was also unable to detect the attack by the Arab countries and that ended up being the end for another historical leader of Israel: Golda Meir.

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