Israel suspends the tracking program for those infected by the omicron a few days after its entry into force

MADRID, Dec. 3 (.) –

The Israeli authorities have decided to suspend the controversial monitoring program for those affected by the omicron variant a few days after its entry into force after the fierce criticism received, some of them even from within the government itself.

Thus, the Israeli Health Minister, Nitzan Horowitz, announced last night the end of a program that granted Israel’s internal intelligence service, the Shin Bet, the power to use its own monitoring technology for those affected by the new variant.

“We put an end to this program because even in an emergency we have to protect privacy and Human Rights,” the minister said on his Twitter account.

Thus, the program has been canceled early this Friday, less than seven days after its entry into force earlier this week, although its resumption is not ruled out if the cases of the omicron variant continue to increase.

Without going any further, the Ministry of Health confirmed this Friday the appearance of seven new cases of this variant in the country.

Minister Eli Avidar, a member of the prime minister’s cabinet, voted last Sunday against the measure after denouncing an “extreme, unsustainable and unjustified step.”

“How can we look our voters in the eye when we blatantly break promise after promise to safeguard democracy?” Lamented the minister, of the nationalist Israel Beitenu party.

The Ministers of Education, Yifat Shasha-Biton; Economy, Orna Barbivai, and Justice, Gideon Saar, who already harshly criticized this Sunday the “unjustified” decision of the Israeli Government, adopted the day before, to close the country for two weeks before the appearance of the new variant.

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