Israel strikes down Greta Thunberg from the textbooks: “She is on the wrong side of History”

The messages from Greta Thunberg calling for “justice and freedom” for Palestinians (including one with an anti-Semitic Nazi symbol) a few days after the abhorrent crimes of Hamas in Israel have triggered a wave of protests among environmentalists and Israeli activists, who declare themselves “shocked and deeply hurt and disappointed” by some tweets in which the young Swede positions herself “on the wrong side of History.”

In a letter supported by more than 200 people, Rony Bruell, founder of the Israeli Women’s Forum for the Environment association, accuses Thunberg of positioning herself on the side of terrorists, “with the darkest representatives of the human race.” The letter, as explained The Jerusalem Postrecounts what happened on October 7 in Israel and the crimes committed against entire families and highlights how Thunberg’s messages “they are devastatingly partial, uninformed, superficial” in contrast, they say, with “the activist’s ability to delve into the details of complex problems.”

The letter also talks about the more than 200 missing people, some of them children and the elderly, and highlights one of the names, that of fellow environmentalist Shoshan Haran. The woman, president of the NGO Fair Planet and a German national, has dedicated her life to supporting small farmers to cultivate their land in developing countries. In a message included in the letter, Haran’s son, Bruria Lekner, denounces how her mother was kidnapped by Hamas. with her husband, her daughter, her son-in-law and her two granddaughters of very young age, and how they also kidnapped two sisters, a brother-in-law and another niece. “My mother, my heroine, is a world-renowned agricultural expert,” she says, recalling her work in Africa, “often with a Muslim population,” in the fight to ensure that “no child goes hungry.” “My mother has brought life to thousands of people. And now she is a Hamas hostage,” she says.

The letter continues by asking Greta if this is the way she believes human rights should be fought, “with cold-blooded murders of civilians, rapes and kidnappings of children and the elderly.” “Does any of this seem like part of a fight for freedom to you? Do you really support people who kidnap a grandmother with her granddaughters?” The signatories encourage Thunberg to educate herself and see more about “the atrocities” of Hamas and end by saying that they hope she never goes through anything like what thousands of people are experiencing. Israelis, but “if it happens to you, we promise you that we will not be on the side of the aggressors.

Greta, outside Israeli schools

Added to this open letter are the many comments on social media from outraged activists over the weekend and the announcement by the Israeli Ministry of Education that Greta will disappear from school curricula: “Hamas is a terrorist organization responsible for the deaths of 1,400 Israelis.” innocents, including children, women, and the elderly, and has taken more than 200 people to Gaza. This position disqualifies her from being considered a moral model. and will no longer be held up as an example to Israeli students,” declared the minister.

Through social networks, the Israeli Government has also responded to the young Swedish woman: “Hamas does not use sustainable materials for rockets who have killed innocent Israelis. The victims of the massacre could have been your friends. Report it.”

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