Israel finalizes a new “phase of the war” after the deadline to evacuate northern Gaza ends

He Israeli Army announced this Saturday that it is finalizing a new “phase of war” against the Hamas terrorists with the massive deployment of its forces on the border with the Gaza Strip with a view to a “great force attack” that will reach areas of the enclave that are the scene of the massive departure of Gazans.

We are preparing our forces, studying the plansand prepared in all combat scenarios: south, north and center,” said the main spokesman for the Israeli Army, Vice Admiral Daniel Hagari, regarding a possible firm entry by land of the Israeli Army into the Gaza Strip, the first on a large scale since Operation Cast Lead in 2008.

“We are focused on Gaza but we are already widely deployed, which will allow us operate simultaneously in all these areas“, he added in statements collected by the Times of Israel. Hagari has insisted that the population of northern Gaza leave the area immediately because “anyone who decides not to evacuate is putting themselves in danger and is putting his family in danger,” before confirming that the Israeli Army “will attack the evacuated areas with great force.”

It is worth remembering that the Israeli Army announced this Saturday to the population of the north and north-central Gaza the opening of two exit corridors to the south of the territory that will remain in force from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., peninsular time in Spain).

The head of the Arab media division of the Israel Defense Forces, Colonel Avichay Adraee, has published on his X account, formerly Twitter, that residents will be able to travel the central Saladin road and the route that links the coastal avenues of Daldul and Al Sana “without any danger” towards Khan Yunis, the main town in the south of the enclave.

This protocol comes after Israel yesterday announced a 24-hour ultimatum for residents of towns in the northern and central part of the enclave to leave their homes due to the prospects of a ground raid against Hamas.

Hagari, on the other hand, has accused Hamas of trying to prevent Palestinian civilians from leaving the area because “the organization’s leaders are hiding beneath them” to use the population as human shields.

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