Israel confirms that Hamas beheaded babies and burned children in its ‘monstrous’ attack

The first reports from reporters who visited Israeli kibbutzim attacked by Hamas, citing Israeli military personnel, have been officially confirmed by the Government of Israel: they found bodies of decapitated and charred babies by Hamas terrorists.

Through social networks, the Israeli Prime Minister’s office has disseminated the information as well as photos of babies burned at the hands of Hamas, after certain sectors questioned the first information. In addition, a senior commander of the Israeli Army’s medical teams assured this Thursday that he himself “found a baby with its head cut off” among the more than 100 people murdered in the Beeri kibbutz, next to the Strip, information that adds up to which a journalist stated from the Kfar Aza kibbutz, where she spoke of 40 murdered babies, some of them decapitated.

Members of said health team found more decapitated children, added the source, reserve colonel Golán Vach, head of the National Rescue Unit in the Army’s Internal Front Command. “I don’t think a baby with a severed head is an accident, a missile doesn’t do this,” Vach said.

In his opinion, “terrorism means that a person enters the house of innocent people, kills the mother and cuts off the baby’s head,” a scene that his unit encountered these days.

Likewise, this afternoon, in a publication on the social network

According to him, They are “horrifying photographs” of babies murdered and burned by the monsters of Hamas”, a group that “is inhumane” and “like the Islamic State”.

A member of the ZAKA emergency teams, which is in charge of recovering bodies, told EFE that “It doesn’t have numbers, but there are many cases” of dead children in places like Kibbutz Beeri, the Israeli community where there was the largest massacre of civilians these days.

“I myself took bodies of babies of one month, two months, of burned childrenof children who when I took them by the hands were still burning.” At the same time, he added that he knew of cases of “people who were tortured, raped and burned alive.”

The head of ZAKA in the southern area of ​​Israel, Yossi Landau, said that he found “a pregnant lady on the floor” of her house, with “her stomach completely open, a fetus connected to the umbilical cord, stabbed with a knife, and the mother shot in the head.

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