Israel begins counterattack against Gaza in the midst of a chaotic situation with at least 200 dead

The surprise attack by the Hamas terrorist group by land, sea and air from Gaza has currently caused 200 dead in Israel and more than 1,100 injured, in what is the largest terrorist attack in the country’s history. The situation is out of control with confrontation between the Israeli army and the Palestinians, once Israel has declared a state of war.

The victims have occurred both from the launch of thousands of rockets from the Gaza Strip and from armed clashes in Israeli territory, where there have been Hamas terrorist infiltrator that hold Israeli civilians hostage in their own homes.
This is an unprecedented armed conflict that caught Israel completely off guard, which now has hospitals on maximum alert while the wounded arrive.

After the Israeli defensive counterattack, the death toll in Gaza has risen to 230 and there are at least 1,697 injured, among them around twenty terrorists. Hospital centers in the Strip are also on alert in the face of continuous Israeli attacks, which called their military operation “Iron Swords.”

The Hamas-controlled Gaza Health Ministry accused Israeli forces of deliberately attacking medical staff and hospitals, killing three health workers, injuring three others, and destroying five ambulances. According to Palestinian sources in the Strip, at least five buildings have been destroyed in Gaza by Israeli bombings, and hospitals are in a state of emergency due to the situation.

Hundreds of terrorists infiltrated Israel

According to Palestinian sources, there could be hundreds or even more than a thousand Hamas terrorists who remain inside Israeli territory after their incursion, which left an as yet undetermined number of dead, including soldiers lying on the ground, according to videos broadcast on social networks. According to these estimates, the number of terrorists currently still in Israel is much higher than the figure given by the Israeli authorities, and could be hundreds or even more than a thousand Israeli troops. Al Qasam Brigadesmilitary wing of Hamas, or the armed wing of the Islamist group Islamic Jihad.

Israeli forces fight in various parts of the country and in Israeli communities on the Gaza borderwhere terrorists took military, civilians and even hostages asian immigrantsaccording to images on networks, where Palestinians are also seen walking and showing bodies of dead Israelis in the Strip, including that of a partially naked woman.

According to Gaza sources, the number of kidnapped people currently held captive inside the enclave is more than fifty. Saleh al Arouri, a senior official of the Islamist Hamas movement, assured that they have achieved capture “senior officials of the Israeli Army”among whom there could be a general, according to images spread on networks in which he is seen inside Gaza.

The spokesman for the Islamist group Islamic Jihad in Gaza, Daoud Hishab, assured that “all captives in the hands of the resistance groups will be held until the release” of the Palestinian prisoners from Israeli prisons. In turn, as he said, among those kidnapped there are also women and minors.

Thousands of reservists mobilized

The main spokesman for the Israeli Army, Daniel Hagari, made the first official confirmation that the Palestinians had taken Israelis hostage inside Gaza and assured that there were also soldiers killed in the fighting, although he did not specify figures.

In turn, given the serious circumstances on the ground, the Israeli Minister of National Security, Itamar Ben Gvir, declared a state of national emergency, which will be adopted this afternoon and will apply to the entire country. Besides, tens of thousands of Israeli reservists have been mobilized into the ranks.

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