Israel attacks kill more than 150 Palestinians in 24 hours in Gaza

More of 150 Palestinians have died for the Israeli attacks on Gaza in the last 24 hours, as reported this Monday by the spokesperson for the Ministry of Health of the Strip, Ashraf al Qudrawhile fighting with militiamen and the Israeli offensive continue.

The recent Hebrew bombings resulted in at least 156 dead and 246 injuredand the number of deaths since the start of the war on October 7 is close to 22,000: in total, 21,978 people were confirmed dead since then, while the injured are 57,697specified Gaza Health, an organ of the Hamas Government.

7,000 missing

There are also about 7,000 people missing under rubble, and he believes the total death toll could be higher, but the bodies have not yet been collected.

70% of the total fatalities are women and children

In turn, Health insists that 70% of the total fatalities are women and children, while 30 hospitals and 53 primary care centers “are out of service” throughout Gaza.

Health workers detained

On the other hand, the health spokesperson reiterated that Israel still has a hundred health personnel under arrest, including “directors of hospitals in northern Gaza“, who are detained “in harsh conditions, exposed to extreme cold andinterrogated under physical and psychological torturehunger, thirst and lack of sleep.

Israel claims that Hamas has hidden part of its tunnels and extensive underground network under Gaza hospitals and medical centerswhich led to attacks and the invasion of Israeli troops into its compounds, including the Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza City.

Its patients, patients, health personnel and civilians taking refuge inside were forced to evacuate weeks ago by the Israeli Army, and these days health teams from the Strip are trying to reactivate the hospital, the largest medical complex in Gaza.

“Effective and urgent interventions are being made to ensure the opening of the Al Shifa medical center and hospitals in northern Gaza following the extensive destruction that occurred,” Al Qudra remarked today.

800,000 civilians trapped in the north of the Strip

According to Health, around 800,000 Gazans who remain in the north of the Strip – including Gaza City – are now practically without access to medical services or hospitals, in a situation of extreme unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe, and while contagious diseases spread due to the war conflict.

Gaza continues to suffer from lack of food, drinking water, medicines, basic supplies or fuel due to Israel’s rigid siege, which since almost the outbreak of the conflict has only allowed humanitarian aid access practically in dribs and drabs.

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