Islamic State wants to attack Europe by taking advantage of “the opportunity on a silver platter” of the war in Ukraine


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terrorist organization Islamic State has called on its members and supporters in Europe to perpetrate attacks on the continent, taking advantage of the exceptional situation created by the war in ukraine.

It would be a campaign with which it is intended to avenge the death on February 3 of the one who until then was its leader, Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Quraishiremoved in a US special operation in the Syrian province of Idlib, located in northwestern Syria. According to the American version of events, Al Qurashi blew himself up when surrounded in an action that killed seven people, including his wife and at least two of his children.

The appeal was made in an audio message from the group’s spokesman, Abu Umar al-Muhajiron the occasion of Ramadan –the Muslim holy month that this year is celebrated coinciding with April– in which it has announced the start of the campaign, called “Invasion in Revenge for the Two Sheikhs”referring to Abu Ibrahim al Quraishi and his own predecessor as spokesman for the terrorist group.

“Crusaders kill each other”

The audio, titled “Fight them and Allah will punish them with his hands” It lasts 33 minutes and has been broadcast through Telegram channels.

In it, the spokesman for the terrorist organization pointed out that the situation generated by the invasion of Ukraine is “an opportunity on a silver platter” for his followers to carry out attacks in Europe: “Now you have the opportunity. Europe is burning and the crusaders are killing each other,” he said.

“It is a war, to which we ask God not to suffocate its fires until the worshipers of the cross are burned and destroy their kingdom so that they suffer what the Muslims have suffered,” he assured in the message

In addition, the spokesman for the terrorist organization has also applauded recent attacks in Israel by Palestinian terrorists who in some cases have been linked to the Islamic State and has also called for the example to be followed and more killings to take place.


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