Islamic Jihad confirms ceasefire agreement with Israel

MADRID, Aug. 7 (.) –

Islamic Jihad has confirmed this Sunday a ceasefire agreement reached with Israel to end the three-day war escalation in the Gaza Strip in an agreement that will enter into force at 11:30 p.m.

“A moment ago an agreement was reached on the text of the Egyptian truce agreement that includes a commitment to work for the release of two prisoners, (Bassem) al Sadi and (Jalil) Awawdeh,” explained a leader of Islamic Jihad, Mohammad al Hindi, in a message picked up by the Israeli press.

Al Sadi was the head of Islamic Jihad in the West Bank and was arrested last week in Jenin. Awawdeh is also in Israeli custody. Now the Israeli confirmation of the agreement remains.

So far the authorities in the Gaza Strip have confirmed 41 Palestinian dead and more than 311 wounded since the beginning of the spiral of violence.

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