Is the human being lost in favor of the technological?

Opinion state. How difficult it is to achieve this goal when technology dilutes the construction of one’s identity based on events that take place in the real world. Within the infosphere – an ecosystem of action and informational relationship that blurs the difference between the human and the artificial – technoethics emerges – the discipline that addresses the ethical and moral aspects of technology. This infosphere monopolizes attention and conditions the way of thinking and solving problems.

Our evolution is conditioned by the mind and this, in turn, provides us with a series of abilities to interact with the environment and to mature through experience. But when the experience is mediated by an artificial environment, the resources available to us are fewer, the level of responsibility is reduced and the level of overexposure to the unknown increases, since everything is part of an information flow, without paying attention to the qualitative aspect. .

Although technique and technology accompany us throughout our evolution as a species, we need a new social contract to live in harmony with nature and with our own being.

The monopoly of the companies softwarethe influencers, advertising and politics are segmenting and even radicalizing certain sectors of the population with their bias. They make us consumers and prosumers of an ideology that invites us to consume or be merchandise.

Will we delegate everything to artificial intelligence?

We are warned of the advent of a future singularity in which artificial intelligence will cause unpredictable consequences and social changes. We see this impact as essentially positive because we do not consider the imperative of this non-biological intelligence in today’s companies, institutions or medicine.

Will we delegate to them to direct the course of events because it is understood that transhumanism is the direction to follow? Is the relationship between human beings and technology essentially good? Is it a positive integration? It is when there is a complementary relationship. The ideal is that the technology has an integrative character, although we cannot transcend the limits of the human being.

If our part artificial far exceeds the natural there would be a resignation and a reduction of the human to the posthuman that would replace the biological with the technological, losing neutrality and perverting intelligence in favor of convergent technologies (NBIC) that would convert knowledge into integrated data, with the consequent manipulation of the same, a factor that a hypothetical cyberdemocracy could control in its favor. The posthuman is far from the universal and necessary character of the principle that governs the law. I mean, none of this is legitimate.

We must improve the human

Our species has the appropriate characteristics to live in this finite world, but the desire to overcome finitude and vulnerability is due to the need for progress that should be of a vitalist nature in which the limit is not an obstacle, but a growth more plausible. Regenerate our imperfections and shortcomings by promoting the fundamental right to equality from an intergenerational and inclusive perspective, as well as a more open society that brings together efforts and knowledge to improve the human, starting with the efficiency of its institutions.

The human cannot be in danger of extinction. Integration is not synonymous with appropriation. Abandoning the rudder in favor of an autopilot does not mean that the course to take will give us a better destination by controlling all possible routes, because this requires skills and abilities of intuition. I wonder if valid words or sources will remain after the shipwreck of classical knowledge and if we will be able to rebuild ourselves like the ancient antediluvian myths.

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