Irene Paredes: “We have not asked for Vilda’s dismissal, we know that there will be changes”

“We want to improve and win, we believed that there were certain internal aspects that must be changed”

MADRID, Sep. 1 (.) –

The captain of the Spanish soccer team, Irene Paredes, lamented the “leaks” of a “not easy situation” within the team, for being forced to ask for “changes” so that Spain progresses but without claiming the “dismissal” of Jorge Vilda, national coach.

“I wanted to clarify that today we are here because we have asked for it, nobody has forced us. For all the information that has come out these days, we wanted to give our version of the situation, which is not being easy at all,” he said at a press conference this Thursday in the Football City of Las Rozas (Madrid).

Paredes spoke first, accompanied by the other captains, in addition to the squad in the room, shortly after Vilda’s appearance, in the midst of the controversy over the “general malaise” in the locker room. “The players have never asked for Jorge’s dismissal,” she said.

“What has happened is that the captains on behalf of the group have transmitted to Jorge and the Federation the feelings of the players, nothing more. As captains we have the obligation to transmit that information. There have been many leaks, many false that they are not doing fine,” he added.

Paredes explained that he is aware that his request has been heard in the form of changes. “We have the information that they are going to try to change the situation to improve the situation of the national team, which is the common goal, that the national team improve as a team. It is about being brave, you have to say things even if they are not pleasant for that they change. As captains we have transferred that”, she pointed out, before recalling that this same Friday there is a match.

“We have a couple of very important games now and let no one doubt the commitment and professionalism of this team. We have done what we had to do, which was to transfer the information, and from there, focus on playing and above all winning tomorrow”, he stated a Paredes who sees it as logical for her to appear as leader due to her status as first captain.

Spain is measured against Hungary this Friday and on the 6th against Ukraine in the qualifying phase for the World Cup, for which they already have a ticket. Paredes recalled that they do not decide anything, when asked if she sees Vilda as coach for next year’s big date. “What the group transmits to me is that what we want is to improve as a team, but we are aware that we play soccer, we don’t decide anything else,” she said.

“We know that there are going to be modifications or that they are going to try to change the situation. It is a complicated situation for the whole team. We are a super ambitious team and people want to improve, we want to improve, win, and we believed that there were certain internal aspects that must be changed. It is internal and that is why we talk to him, we would all have liked it to have stayed inside, but things were leaked, “he concluded.

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