Iran’s attorney general declares the dissolution of the “Moral Police” involved in the death of Mahsa Amini

MADRID, Dec. 4 (.) –

The Iranian Attorney General, Mohamad Jafar Montazeri, has announced the dissolution of the so-called “Moral Police”, involved in the death in custody of the young Mahsa Amini on September 16, triggering the largest protests in the recent history of Iran. country, which have resulted in between 200 and 400 deaths, according to the Iranian government itself and NGOs.

“The Morality Police has been dismantled by the same people who created it,” the prosecutor limited himself to announcing during a meeting in the city of Qom, before assuring that this organization, in charge of observing traditional Islamic values, “It has nothing to do with the Iranian Judiciary”, the official responsible for this practice, according to statements collected by the Iranian reformist media ‘Shargh Daily’.

The prosecutor himself has recognized that the judicial system does not exactly pursue the closure of this “Social Security Police”, but the recent incidents, in relation to the protests, have led the security establishment to seek “a prudent solution to this problem”. according to additional statements collected by Radio Farda, the US international broadcaster for Iran.

It should be remembered that the “Moral Police”, or the Irshad Patrol, has been subject to international sanctions for the repression of the population during the protests, in particular its leader in Tehran, Ahmad Mirzaei.


Montazeri also announced that the Iranian Parliament and a special body headed by Iranian President Ebrahim Raissi were working on an “amendment” of the law on the compulsory wearing of the Islamic headscarf, without specifying in which direction the text will be amended. .

Amini died, according to the Iranian authorities, due to a health problem in the custody of the security forces after being arrested for allegedly wearing the traditional Islamic headscarf incorrectly. The death of the young Kurdish-Iranian woman unleashed a wave of protests that were harshly repressed by the Iranian authorities.

Although the Iranian clerical establishment has acknowledged errors in the containment operations, it blames the bulk of these demonstrations on “rioters and terrorists” at the service of the opposition in exile or foreign agents.

The result of the deliberations, has advanced, will be announced “in the next fifteen days.”

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