Iran says it will not exceed 60% of uranium enrichment even if nuclear negotiations fail

MADRID, Dec. 25 (.) –

The director of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, Mohammad Eslami, has assured that the Islamic Republic will not exceed the level of 60 percent uranium enrichment, although the negotiating efforts being developed in Vienna to revive the nuclear agreement and lift the US sanctions fail.

“All our nuclear activities are carried out according to the agreements, statutes and regulations of the International Atomic Energy Agency,” Eslami told the Russian agency Sputnik, responding negatively to the question of whether Iran plans to exceed the aforementioned level in the in case the talks fail.

Furthermore, he has insisted that the Persian nation’s nuclear program aims to support the needs of Iranian industrial production and consumers.

On the other hand, he recalled that “Iran can already produce nuclear fuel” and that, thanks to the agreements signed with Russia, it hopes to be able to use it at the Bushehr plant.

The Bushehr construction is the largest Russian-Iranian energy project. The first reactor was connected to Iran’s power grid in 2011 and construction of the second block is underway, while the contract for the third unit has already been signed. Until now, Moscow has been supplying Tehran with the nuclear fuel necessary for the operation of the first reactor.


Talks in Vienna on the reactivation of the 2015 nuclear deal will resume on Monday and will do so after closing the previous round with “good progress”, according to the chief negotiator of the Islamic Republic, Ali Baqeri Kani.

Iran, the United States, Russia, China, the United Kingdom, France and Germany reached a historic agreement to limit the nuclear activity of the Ayatollah regime in exchange for the withdrawal of international sanctions, but three years later Washington withdrew, ruining the signed it.

The contacts to get both the United States and Iran back to their previous commitments were resumed on November 29 in Vienna after a suspension for the Iranian presidential elections, in which the ultra-conservative Ebrahim Raisi prevailed.

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