Iran rebels and the West is not up to the task

Israeli security expert Dan Schueftan often says that, unlike most Arab societies, which are driven by reactive concepts such as revenge and honor, Iran is a vibrant, dynamic and, as he says, pluralistic societyin which a substantial part of its members cultivate initiative and individualism, despite the slab that has fallen on them with the mullahs.

Those who know little Iran beyond the sinister official facade, they will coincide with an appreciation that we see confirmed again with the wave of protests that are sweeping the country these days. It all started, as you know, with her death on September 16 at the hands of Moral Police officers who had arrested her for wearing the wrong veil, of the 22-year-old Mahsa Amini.

The death, apparently by blows, of the young woman provoked the outrage of thousands of Iranians, including many women, tired of the systematic humiliation to which they are subjected by the anachronistic bearded men who have held the country hostage for more than four decades.

The regime’s outrages often have to do with “gender apartheid” which, in the words of the Iranian pro-democracy activist Mariam Memarsadeghi, women live in Iran. But official misogyny is not the only cause of discontent.

“Women and girls are people and they see what is wrong with the whole regime,” Memarsadeghi explained in a recent debate. Women also “come corruption, flagrant injustice that supposes that people who claim to rule in the name of God go around in a Ferrari” and “send their children to study in the United States and Canada when it denies the most basic of the western way of life to people within the country”.

Defying the brutality of repressive forces that have already killed dozens of protesters, who protest have taken the streets of Tehran and eighty other cities of the country, occupying and burning police stations and other headquarters of public institutions due to the impotence of the regime’s henchmen.

“I have not seen anything like it in Iran since the 1979 revolution,” said the specialist in the country Alireza Naderwho sees this wave of protests “much more widespread” than the one that took place in 2009, which the regime survived after killing -according to the most conservative calculations- to more than 1,500 people. “I have never seen so much anger towards the Islamic Republic,” the expert added during a recent debate on the protests.

It is impossible to predict whether the regime will resist this new onslaught from those who are willing to die to live in freedom. What the protesting Iranians have already achieved is leave us moving images that should inoculate us against cynicism and force our rulers to do everything possible to liberate Iran.

Among the most exciting are those that show women of all ages tearing off the veil which represents his submission to the ayatollahs to burn him in the bonfires that the demonstrators have lit.

Without Internet

To avoid contagion, the regime has begun to cut off internet access, hoping that the blackout will allow drown out the foci of a riot which is also due to the explosion of complaints of ill-treatment that more and more Iranian women make known on social networks.

Unfortunately for the Iranians, but also for us, our leaders in the Western democracies do not seem to be up to the historic moment brought about by the courage of the Iranian protesters. In Spain, Sánchez avoids condemning the atrocities of the Islamic Revolutionand his Minister of Equality remains silent.

At the UN headquarters in New York, Macron met Iranian President Raisi with a smile while his henchmen massacred defenseless Iranians who only aspire to live like in France. It is true that the United States has sanctioned the Morale Police, but still don’t give up explicitly to go back to that nefarious nuclear deal that Obama designed. What a good time to do it!

Memarsadeghi, the Iranian activist, recently wrote: “When we see the photos of the beautiful young Mahsa Amini tortured to death, and when we see the videos of the same thugs who killed her trying to beat up their young compatriots because they are protesting against her murder, let us remember that it is to these thugs that the United States wants to give more powermore money and more prestige, at the expense of the people who want to free themselves from their tyranny”.



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