iPhone should have USB-C port by December 2024

MADRID, 8 Dec. (Portaltic/EP) –

The European Union (EU) has specified the date from which most electronic devices must adopt the USB-C charging port, including Apple iPhones, and which has been set for December 28, 2024.

The obligation to incorporate a USB Type-C port affects ‘smartphones’ that are marketed in the member countries of the European Union, regardless of the manufacturer, so that Apple will have to do without the Lightning port, at least in this market.

It is a fact that Apple has already assumed, and has confirmed that it will comply with the new European directive, thus dispensing with its own Lightning port on the iPhone, although they have made it clear at all times that They are not happy with this decision.

And you must meet the new requirement before the December 28, 2024at which time the obligation to continue marketing iPhone in the EU will come into force, as stated in Directive 2022/2380 of the European Parliament and of the Council of the European Union, published this Wednesday in the Official Journal of the European Union.

Specifically, it establishes that the Member States must adopt and publish said directive “no later than December 28, 2023” and that it will be applied one year later, from December 28, 2024.

This date affects, in addition to ‘smartphones’, other categories of electronic devices, such as tablets, digital cameras, headphones, portable game consoles, wireless speakers, electronic readers (‘eReaders’), and accessories such as keyboards, mice, headphones and portable navigation devices.

laptopsFor their part, they have a longer period of time to adapt to the new regulations, which have been set up to on April 28, 2026. Likewise, the standard exempts smart watches and activity bracelets from the mandatory adoption of the USB Type-C port, due to their size and conditions of use.

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