Internacional defeated Bolívar and is in the semifinals of the Copa Libertadores

International defeated 2-0 at Bolivar for the second leg of the quarterfinals of the Libertadores Cup, thanks to the double of Enner Valencia, to become the first of the four semifinalists of the maximum continental tournament in South America.

The Ecuadorian striker extended his great streak in the international tournament by converting four times in just four appearances. Also highlighted was the performance of Sergio Rochetwhich contained a penalty.

The controversy was also present in this match due to the situation experienced by the players of Bolivar about the end of the first stage, when they were affected by the presence of tear gas, of which it is unknown who launched them against the visiting cast.

The cast led by Eduardo Coudet in the next instance it will be measured with the winner of the key between fluminense and olympia. In the first leg, the floo won 2-0 with goals from andre and the Argentine German Cano.

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