Intel launches AI PC Acceleration, bringing artificial intelligence to more than 100 million PCs by 2025

MADRID, Oct. 20 (Portaltic/EP) –

Intel has announced the AI PC Acceleration Programa global innovation initiative designed to accelerate the pace of development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the PC sector and will bring this technology to more than 100 million computers by 2025.

The company has commented that it aims to connect independent hardware vendors (IHVs) and independent software vendors (ISVs) with Intel resources, which integrate AI tools, co-engineering, hardwaredesign resources and co-marketing opportunities.

In this way, ecosystem partners will be able to “take full advantage of the technologies of Intel Core Ultra processors and the corresponding ‘hardware’ to maximize the performance of AI applications and machine learning“, as explained by Intel in a press release.

Intel believes that the arrival of AI-enabled PCs “represents a turning point in the industry” and that its applications allow users to create artistic creations, compose music or work “more intelligently.”

In this sense, AI PC Acceleration will provide access to Intel engineering for specific software optimizations and adjustments based on the needs of independent vendors, basic development tools and kits such as OpenVINO.

Thanks to the work carried out with partners such as Adobe, Audacity, BlackMagic, CyberLink, Webex or VideoCom, Among others, Intel hopes to help improve PC user experiences through audio effects, content creation, gaming and security, among others.

The company has finally commented that the AI ​​PC Acceleration Program is an extension of the Intel Partner Alliance’s AI Accelerator Initiative and that it will enable AI on more than 100 million PCs until 2025.

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