Instagram is the most misogynistic and racist network, according to a report by UltraViolet

MADRID, 11 Nov. (Portaltic / EP) –

Instagram is the social network that further promotes discrimination by reason of sex and race, as revealed by a report carried out by the feminist group UltraViolet, which reveals that it is located in the worst position along with Facebook.

This study, prepared in collaboration with the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, assesses the policies of different social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit and TikTok, to determine to what degree they comply with them. To grade it, a letter is assigned according to the grading rubric of the Harvard University School of Education, A being the best and F being the worst.

The latter, the F, is precisely the score that Instagram has obtained after performing the analysis, in which it has been verified what are the methods of action of this social network around the prohibition of cyberbullying, gender and racial misinformation or the control it exercises over content that can harm people and incite hatred, among other parameters.

‘Social Media Fails Women’, which is how this study is titled, assesses the degree of accessibility it offers to users to report sexist practices, racist or homophobic and the way in which you take immediate measures to protect both your privacy and your safety.

Likewise, this report measures the way in which these social networks guarantee the protection of the integrity of their users and work on the eradication of these problems. Especially in those based on health-related misinformation, including eating disorders, body dysmorphia, or abortion.

The results of the UltraViolet work reveal that, of the social networks studied, Instagram is the one with the worst score, F, followed by Facebook, which obtains a D- rating, and YouTube, with D. It should be remembered that both Instagram and Facebook belong to the same company, Meta, led by Mark Zuckerberg, and they share many of his policies.

For this feminist group, both Instagram and Facebook “do not address misogyny, gender misinformation, racial misinformation, cyberbullying and ‘deadnaming’ (use of the birth name or other previous name of a transgender or non-binary person) “, among other issues, according to the investigation.


On the opposite side of the two platforms developed by Meta, are Reddit and Twitter. According to UltraViolet measurements, Reddit gets the highest score of the group, C, while Twitter reaches a C-. TikTok remains in third position, with a D +.

Despite the fact that Twitter’s hate speech policy “is quite strong,” this women’s advocacy group claims that “has room for improvement, such as addressing cyberbullying and revenge pornography. “

However, he acknowledges that the social network “is taking some positive steps to stop the spread of disinformation “, among which are the alliance with news agencies such as the Associated Press and Reuters.

As for Reddit, this report indicates that it has helpful policies on hate speech and harassment, but “should explicitly address misogyny, malgenderization, racialized misinformation and cyberbullying.

With this, he recalled that Reddit currently offers support to victims of harassment and hate through its association and offers free psychological support in the United States. “However, Reddit’s support must be expanded to help victims protect themselves from their stalkers,” UltraViolet said.

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