Inna Afinogenova starts her new program in ‘Público’

Inna Afinogenova she is no longer “the new journalist of Public“. More than 15 days ago he joined Base, along with Pablo Iglesias, Manu Levin and Sara Serrano. From Monday to Thursday she discusses the current situation with them. And, now, every Friday he will have a new program that can be followed from 8:00 p.m. on YouTube and here:

Afinogenova was born in Dagestan, Russia. She moved to Moscow to enter university, where she received a degree in journalism from Moscow State University. Although most of her career has been developed in her native country, her journalistic materials have always been in Spanish.

In her work as deputy director of the channel’s website RT in Spanish has created highly successful digital formats. One of them is the program there you go, which in two years reached more than a million followers and became a journalistic benchmark in Latin America. After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, he abandoned the project. As a worker for a Russian state media, she preferred to resign from her position rather than face the possible situation of having to defend any type of warmongering or militarist position.

Afinogenova is also an expert in information related to Latin America, where she has a lot of ancestry and followers. He will enlighten us on this in this new space, where will analyze international events as it has always done: from an anti-imperialist and progressive position.

Precisely this region speaks this Friday. In it he tells us all about the seven years of economic recession in Venezuelawhich ended in 2021, of its causes and consequences, as well as the record growth that the country is experiencing.


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