INE confirms that the experimental census will be carried out in July in Cochabamba

The National Institute of Statistics (INE) confirmed the completion of an experimental census at the end of July in the department of Cochabamba, in time to report that the pre-census stage is 84% ​​complete nationwide.

“We have already completed the preliminary ballot, we are going to use this ballot in the experimental census that we are going to carry out from July 29 to 31 in the department of Cochabamba,” Arandia reported.

Previously, the director of the INE had already advanced the activity, although on that occasion he pointed out that the region in which the exercise would take place had not yet been defined.

Arandia added that carrying out the experimental census will allow fine-tuning the last details of the census form, as well as improving the processes, with a view to the census of March 23, 2024.

pre-census stage

The director of the INE also reported that the pre-census stage is already 84% complete and that it is expected that the Statistical Cartographic Update (ACE) can be concluded by August.

“The cartographic update finished in 5 departments, Pando, Beni, Oruro, Potosí, Chuquisaca, in these days Tarija will be finished, and 6 of the 9 departments will be available, and by August we would already be concluding the cartographic update,” he explained.

The head of the INE indicated that the ACE has an advance of 97% at a general level and 88% in intermediate cities and dispersed areas.

Pando, Beni, Oruro, Chuquisaca and Potosí completed the ACE at 100%, while Tarija has 99.9% progress and is only one step away from completing the operation. La Paz has 98% coverage, Cochabamba 94% and Santa Cruz 93%. By intermediate cities, Tarija presents a coverage of 99.7%, La Paz of 97%, Cochabamba of 93.6% and Santa Cruz of 88.8%.

In dispersed areas, the ACE in Tarija reported a 99.7% progress, La Paz 90.1%, Cochabamba 79.2% and Santa Cruz 47.8%.

The ACE is the activity corresponding to the pre-census stage. With the information collected, the INE will be able to define the number of census questionnaires, volunteer census takers and determine the place where the interviewer will do his work, useful data for organizing the Population and Housing Census , scheduled for March 23, 2024.

“In August and early September, we will be finishing the first stage of the Census, which is the pre-census stage, and when we finish this stage we will begin the recruitment of more than 500,000 regular volunteers and 120,000 reinforcements to carry out this project,” said the official in an interview with Bolivia TV.

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