Industrial production rises 2.4% in 2022 and chains two years of rises

The Balearic Islands and the leather and footwear industry led the growth of industrial production last year

MADRID, 7 (-)

The General Industrial Production Index (IPI) rose an average of 2.4% in 2022, below what it did in 2021, an atypical year after the return to normality due to the end of the restrictions in the face of the pandemic, has reported this Tuesday the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

Thus, with the advance of 2022, industrial production chains two consecutive years of growth after the rebound of 7.1% registered in 2021 and compared to the 9.2% collapse that it suffered in 2020 due to the outbreak of Covid.

Except for 2021, the 2.4% increase in production in the industrial sector registered in 2022 is the highest since 2017, when it rose an average of 2.9%.

In 2022 all sectors increased their production, except intermediate goods, which cut it by 1.9%. The most significant increases occurred in capital goods (+5.8%) and energy (+4.1%), followed by non-durable consumer goods (+3.5%) and durable consumption (+2.7%).

By branches of activity, the greatest increases in production in 2022 occurred in the leather and footwear industry (+12.8%); the manufacture of pharmaceutical products (+9.8%); other extractive industries (+8.2%) and extractive industries (+7.9%).

In contrast, the greatest decreases in production were registered in metallurgy (-9%), the chemical industry (-4.3%), the paper industry (-2.4%) and graphic arts (-2, 1%).

Corrected for seasonal and calendar effects, industrial production increased by 2.9% in 2022, with increases in all sectors, except intermediate goods (-1.6%). The largest increase was recorded by capital goods, where production rose an average of 6.5% in 2022.


In 2022, industrial production increased in thirteen autonomous communities and fell in Castilla y León (-3%), Galicia (-1.5%), Cantabria (-1.3%) and Asturias (-0.5%).

The largest increases, on average, were registered in the Balearic Islands (+13.6%), Madrid (+5.6%), Aragón (+5.1%) and Castilla-La Mancha (+5%).

The smallest increases were registered by Catalonia (+0.6%), Extremadura (+1.5%) and Murcia (+1.6%).


In the last month of 2022, industrial production plummeted 3.4% compared to December of the previous year, thus registering its second consecutive year-on-year decline and the most pronounced since February 2021, when it fell 3.6%.

All sectors registered year-on-year decreases in their production in December 2022 except capital goods, which increased by 4.8%. The greatest setbacks were registered by intermediate goods (-9.2%) and energy (-5.7%), followed by non-durable consumer goods (-2.2%) and durable consumer goods ( -2.1%).

Adjusted for seasonal and calendar effects, industrial production presented an interannual increase of 0.6% in December 2022 compared to the same month of 2021, a rate 1.3 points higher than that of November.

In monthly terms (December 2022 compared to November of the same year) and within the corrected series, industrial production increased by 0.8% after three consecutive months of falls. The one in December 2022 is its biggest monthly rebound since June 2022, when the production of the industrial sector grew by 1.1%.

By branches of activity, the greatest monthly rises in production in the seasonally adjusted series corresponded to coking plants and petroleum refining (+12.5%%); the manufacture of other transport material (+7.6%) and the manufacture of furniture (+5.8%).

On the contrary, the greatest monthly decreases in production were experienced by the extraction of anthracite, coal and lignite (-14.3%), other extractive industries (-7.4%) and the manufacture of beverages (-5.9% ).

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