Increases in the gas rate: the debate began to define how much the increases will be

The Ministry of Energy heads, this Monday, at the beginning of the second week of 2024, the first public hearing to determine the increases in the values ​​of the gas rate; increases that will be reflected, it is estimated, since February.

Among the points to be addressed during the day, the “determination of a monthly update rate for the rates of the public natural gas transportation service and the public gas distribution network service.”

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In that way, The increases will be carried out gradually throughout 2024in a modality that could extend through two more yearsif it is taken into account that the head of the Treasury Palace, Luis Caputo, maintained that the reduction of subsidies to public services will be carried out steadily over three years.

The Public Hearing 104summoned by the National Gas Regulatory Entity (Enargas) through the Resolution 704/2023, It started at 9 in the morning and will have the participation of 124 exhibitorsrepresenting distribution and transport companies, associations and sectoral chambers, user and consumer defense entities, legislators and mayors, the agency reported Telam.

From them, 108 will have the opportunity to speakwhile the remaining 16 will act as alternative speakers for the entities involved.

Based on the event schedule, the first assigned exhibitor will be, precisely, the Secretary of Energy, Eduardo Rodríguez Chirillo; who will follow Martin Vauthier, on behalf of the Ministry of Economy. Also among those registered are the former Minister of Public Works and current head of Infrastructure and Public Services of Buenos Aires, Gabriel Katopodis.

If all the people interested in participating, previously registered for the occasion, speak and use the available time assigned, The hearing could last at least one more daysince they would be necessary at least 19 hours continuous exposure.

In addition to the tariff update, there will be six other points of debate, among which are:

  • The temporary adjustment of the rates of the public natural gas transportation service
  • The temporary adjustment of the rates of the public gas distribution service through networks
  • The transfer to rates of the price of gas purchased under the terms of the Basic Rules of the Distribution License
  • The treatment of the incidence of the cost of freight and/or transportation of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) with respect to localities supplied with propane/butane gas indiluted by networks
  • The treatment of the incidence of the price of gas on the cost of unaccounted for natural gas (NGNC)
  • The reversal of the Northern Gasduct

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How much are the increases requested by companies?

Regarding the percentage levels that these increases could have, the companies presented a tariff scheme with increases above 350% in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires, a figure that reaches up to 700% in the rest of Argentina.

In detail, the requested increases were:

  • Metrogas (AMBA): 376.5%
  • Naturgy (Buenos Aires): from 437%
  • Redengas (Entre Ríos): from 481%
  • Camuzzi Gas Pampeana: del 421%
  • Gasnor (Salta, Jujuy, Santiago del Estero and Tucumán): among 438% and 704%
  • Ecogas (Córdoba, La Rioja, Catamarca): from 126%
  • Transportadora Gas del Sur (TGS): 567%
  • Northern Gas Transport: 573%

However, it should be noted that the public hearing is not bindingthat is, the Ministry of Energy may or may not take those requests into account.

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