Increase in legislators unleashes a wave of criticism and Amparo has been on vigil for 25 days: the 7 news you should know before starting the day

The salary increase for senators and representatives unleashes a wave of criticism; 25 days in vigil: Amparo Carvajal attends in the street and at an improvised table the cases of violation of rights; and Government postpones one more year the certification of gas reserves. Page Seven presents some of the most relevant news at this time:

– The salary increase for senators and representatives unleashes a wave of criticism

The salary increase in the allowances of 328 senators and titular and substitute deputies of the Legislative Assembly caused a wave of criticism, annoyance and indignation in the population, in former legislators and opinion leaders. Personalities from the political sphere affirmed that parliamentarians do not deserve any increase because they do not oversee the Executive Branch. In addition, on social networks, many people said that the measure is an “insult” due to the economic crisis that the country is experiencing. They demand that salaries be lowered and substitutions in both chambers be eliminated.

– 25 days in vigil: Amparo Carvajal attends to cases of violation of rights in the street and at an improvised table

In the middle of the street and behind a makeshift table, Amparo Carvajal and her team of human rights defenders have not stopped their work and continue to receive complaints from citizens seeking support; while the doors of the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights of Bolivia (APDHB) – violently seized by Edgar Salazar’s group, related to MAS – are closed and the protagonists of the event do not provide any type of service.

– Government postpones one more year the certification of gas reserves

In December 2018, the last certification of hydrocarbon reserves was carried out, which revealed that the country had 8.9 trillion cubic feet (TCF) of gas. In January, the YPFB oil company announced that this data would be known in July and, now, the Ministry of Hydrocarbons responded that it would only be made public in 2024, despite the fact that the law required the Government to update this information every year.

– Police and Prosecutor’s Office use Nallar cars; We believe ask for reports

The high-end vehicles that belong to Misael Nallar, arrested in Chonchocoro for legitimizing illegal earnings, are used to transport officials from the Police and the Prosecutor’s Office, Creemos legislators denounced. The fact was confirmed by those involved. The assembly members demand reports from the entities.

– Eliana and Katherine were cruelly murdered by their partners; two other deaths of women are being investigated

Eliana S., 24 years old, and Katherine, 18 years old, were cruelly murdered by their partners, who were apprehended and await their injunction hearings. The first was stabbed and beaten to death and the second was thrown from a precipice of more than 13 meters that ended her life. The death of two other women is also being investigated.

– Banco Fassil Case: 25 officials will testify as witnesses this week

During this week, 25 people will give their informative statement as witnesses in the framework of the investigations of the extinct Banco Fassil. Among them are officials in charge of credits, informed prosecutor Julio César Porras.

– Autos chutos: one year after the scandal with Chile, there are no police officers sanctioned for the sale of the vehicles

The Minister of Government, Eduardo Del Castillo, will appear tomorrow Tuesday before the Plurinational Legislative Assembly (ALP), to give an oral report on the issue of stolen cars in Chile, motorized that were later sold at a fair in the municipality of Yapacaní, in Santa Cruz, a case in which several uniformed officers were involved. He will do it a year after the international scandal, and after one of the policemen and main accused was benefited with a dismissal in the Bolivian Police.

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