In the press – Ransacking of places of power in Brasilia: “An attack on democracy”

In the headlines on Monday, January 9, yesterday’s invasion of places of power in Brasilia, the Brazilian capital, by supporters of former President Jair Bolsonaro, a week after the inauguration of his successor, Lula. An attack that triggers general condemnation. The outcry caused by the remarks of the president of the French Football Federation (FFF) on Zinedine Zidane. And the repeated confessions of Prince Harry in the United Kingdom.

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In the headlines, the invasion, Sunday, January 8, of places of power in Brasilia, the Brazilian capital, by supporters of former President Jair Bolsonaro, a week after the inauguration of his successor, Lula.

If the federal security forces seem to have regained control of the situation, in recent hours, Brazil is in shock at what the newspaper Estado de Sao Paulo calls it an “attack on democracy”. An attack that leaves in its wake totally devastated places, the windows of the offices of the presidential palace shattered, the furniture of the Congress destroyed, and the seats of the Supreme Court overturned, by individuals dressed in the colors of the Brazilian flag.

Oh Dia, a Rio de Janeiro daily, refers to acts of “vandalism” committed by “radical Bolsonarists”, to which President Lula has promised to respond by arresting the perpetrators of these rampages, but also the groups who financed them. “We are going to find out who they are, and bring them to justice,” reacted the head of state.

In Folha de Sao Paulothe leading daily in the economic capital, accuses the local authorities and police of having “facilitated the action of extremists by their inaction” and reports nearly 300 people arrested for “acts of vandalism”.

The ransacking of places of power in Brasilia is also on the front page this morning of several daily newspapers around the world, in particular the Italian daily La Stampa which sees Brazil “taken by storm” and contaminated in turn by “the virus of Trumpism”.

The Brasilia attack triggers unanimous condemnation. O Globoa newspaper in Rio, asks the state to “punish the terrorists and throw the perpetrators of this coup attempt in prison”, while explaining that the intervention of the federal forces requested by Lula – a decision “justified “according to the newspaper in the face of such violence – must remain punctual and limited”, otherwise their intervention “will only serve to further inflame tempers and aggravate a political situation whose complexity has become the government’s greatest challenge newly elected”. “Democracy is, by definition, the coexistence of divergent opinions and most Bolsonaro voters do not identify with the terrorism observed this Sunday”, assures the newspaper.

At Folha de Sao Paulo asks that “the band of imbeciles” who attacked the places of power in Brasilia be “punished according to the law” and also maintains that the protesters “represent only themselves and, at most , an ex-president, Jair Bolsonaro, who quietly fled abroad”. “What the troublemakers have done in Brasilia, pathetic as they are, is extremely serious”, condemns the daily, which asks the government to “prove to Brazilians that democratic normality is, and will be, preserved, despite the grunts of angry minorities mimicking the defeated in the US Capitol”. But he also asks him not to lose sight of the fact that “Brazil has bigger problems to face”.

The Brasilia attack is also condemned by press cartoonists, in particular the Brazilian Thiago Lucas, who sees Brazilian democracy thrown to the ground by the Bolsonarists. Italian Emanuel del Rosso compares them to Capitol attackers and supporters of former US President Donald Trump. The protesters provoke the wrath of Christ the Redeemer of Rio, whose fists have closed. Two drawings published by Cartoon Movement website.

On the front page of the press, also, French, this time, the outcry triggered by the president of the French Football Federation, who declared yesterday that he had “nothing to shake” from the possibility that Zinedine Zidane becomes coach of the Blues. By attacking the 98 world champion, the equivalent of a national treasure, Noël Le Graët provoked general indignation. Kylian Mbappé and Sports Minister Amélie Oudéa-Castera notably asked him to apologize to legend Zidane. The Team denounces the “inexcusable” and “contemptuous” remarks of the president of the FFF, quoted in the text on the front page: “If Zidane tried to reach me? Certainly not, I would not even have taken him on the phone”.

Noël Le Graët, “one shipwreck too many”: for the magazine SoFoot, who evokes the “earthquake” caused by his “childish” remarks, the boss of the FFF managed to “bring the French together behind a common desire: the end of the masquerade at the head of the Federation”. For Le Figaro, mass is said and Noël Le Graët has “signed his resignation”. “Le Graët, in the wake of the extension of Didier Deschamps (at the head of the Blues), may have wanted to defend him, while some were crying out for change. But not like that, in these terms, by scoring the equivalent of a quadruple against his camp”, stings the newspaper.

From one lèse-majesté crime to another: in the United Kingdom, Prince Harry’s repeated confessions continue to inflame the press. In an interview broadcast yesterday, the youngest son of King Charles III opened up new secrets about the life of the royal family, while ensuring that he did not want to “hurt” or “harm” those around him. An attitude that leaves free skeptical Subwaywhich sees King Charles very embarrassed by the repeated confessions of his number 2, the “spare”, at the very moment when he finds himself faced with a task for the least complicated: to succeed his mother, the very popular Elizabeth II .

At the heart of these new revelations, again and again, the woman through whom the scandal happened, according to The Daily Telegraph : Harry’s wife, American actress Meghan Markle, abused according to Harry, by her brother, William, and by her sister-in-law, the fearless Kate Middleton. Nothing new in the British rain, you will tell me, except that this time, Prince Harry denies having accused his family of racism towards his wife. Comments quoted on the front page of Sun, which does not magnify a crumb, of course. To sell or not to sell tabloids, that is the question, of course.

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