In Haiti, thousands of residents flee a district of Port-au-Prince attacked by a gang

Thousands of residents fled on Tuesday a district of Port-au-Prince stormed by gang members, reports an AFP journalist.

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On foot, on motorbikes or crammed into cars, thousands of residents loaded with bags and suitcases fled, Tuesday, August 15, a district of Port-au-Prince attacked by gang members, noted a journalist. from AFP.

“We are living in an extremely difficult situation. I don’t even know where to go. I had to flee my home,” Elie Derisca, a resident of the Carrefour-Feuilles district, in the south of the Haitian capital, told AFP.

This neighborhood, like many others in Haiti, is regularly attacked by a gang led by Renel Destina – also known as Ti Lapli and wanted by the US Federal Police (FBI) – according to police and residents .

“The authorities did nothing”

“They looted and burned houses” and “caused several deaths”, said Elie Derisca. “The authorities did nothing to come to our rescue.”

According to him, gang members took possession of some homes.

Haitian authorities confirmed on Monday August 14 that houses had been burned down. They also said they had received death reports, which could not be verified at this time.

At least 3,120 people have fled this neighborhood, according to a provisional report from the Haitian civil protection department. This figure could continue to climb, according to a source close to this institution.

On Tuesday, panic was visible in the streets of Carrefour-Feuilles. Some residents were carrying their suitcases on their heads, others had piled three mattresses and a wooden piece of furniture on the roof of their car.

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The day before, many residents of the neighborhood had demonstrated against the insecurity and the Haitian National Police had intervened to restore order in the area.

“The national police will continue to deploy all their means to put out of harm’s way the bandits who want to sow trouble in the communities”, she assured in a press release, without however managing to reassure the residents, who continue to flee. .

Haiti has been stuck for years in a deep economic, security and political crisis, which has reinforced the grip of gangs. These armed gangs control about 80% of the Haitian capital and violent crime is frequent.

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