Impact on brand narratives

In the past, marketers and content creators, ranging from advertisers to journalists, naturally believed they had a kind of built-in social radar, a finely calibrated sensor that allowed them to tell what people were “thinking” or “saying.” In this way, stories were created that could be the origin of a journalistic article or the narrative of a brand with breakfasts illuminated in warm tones, dogs in slow motion and steaming cups of coffee that were served with two hands and pullover sleeves passing the dollrelates Juan Ramiro Fernandezjournalist and storyteller for Youniversal.

Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) uses algorithms and machine learning to analyze large amounts of data and create content that imitates human writing or design. This means that AI-generated content can be tailored to a brand’s specific tone and style, while being created at a faster rate than human-generated content and allowing anyone tonot just those who had that social radar, can create a brand narrative that is effective and resonates with consumers.

In this sense, the specialist provides some examples:

*The North Face: For the Chinese market, they asked ChatGPT for 10,000 reasons to “return to nature” and using that input, posters were created using MidJourney. You can see the promo here.

– Lexus: an algorithm was created that analyzed data about the brand’s target audience and an AI was asked to create a script specially designed for that audience. The result is an almost dreamlike and particular commercial. It can be seen here.

In short, AI assistance can be used to break a creative block, generate images, make a video, or help with a script, all powered by real consumer data, eliminating the “it seems to me” or “I feel that”.

To start, Fernández recommends some interesting tools:

● content created based on SEO optimization.

● like ChatGPT, but aimed at creating stories.

● – image creation

● tool that transforms text into video.

● text generation and copy.

“Does this mean the death of human creativity when it comes to generating a brand narrative? No way. A tool never “eliminates” an activity, but rather enhances it. Is it time to learn? Without a doubt. Do you have to experiment? Definitely”, are questions that the specialist asks.

And finally, reflect that perhaps “Did someone ever think that telling stories at night, with the light of a fire, would have more impact on audiences?. Ok, he didn’t think exactly that, but he felt something similar because humans don’t change, only the way we tell stories changes.”

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