Images of the alleged alien that landed in Las Vegas come to light

This weekend, the US authorities in the state of Las Vegas released a video, captured by a police officer’s body camera, where they see some strange creatures.

The agent had responded to an emergency call from a family who had claimed to see something landing outside their home, and then see some strange creatures.

On the other hand, a witness to what happened decided to upload a video to YouTube to explain what he saw and what he heard and how he saw something fall from the sky, and then witnessed an explosion. “When that happened, all I can see in the backyard is a tall creature. Probably around eight, ten feet tall. Very thin”he added.

The young man said that the supposed alien had a height of 2 to 3 meters and that he was very thin.

After that, on Sunday, June 11, the video came to light where the creature was supposedly seen landing and hiding in the backyard referred to by the young man who explained on YouTube. He video has spread on networks with the original call to 911.

The events presented below allegedly occurred in May of this year.

The emergency call that alerted a UFO:

“There is one that It looks like a person of about 2.40 meters next to (the object) and another inside that has huge eyes and is looking at me right now. They’re in my backyard I swear to god this is not a jokesays the caller.

I understand from what you tell me that Are there two people or two subjects in your backyard?the operator answers.

“Right, they are very tall. I don’t know if they measure 2.40, 2.70 or even 3 meters. I don’t know what they are, I could say they look like aliens. They have huge bright eyesa very big mouth I tell him 100% sure that they are not humansays the citizen.

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