Iberdrola creates a new subsidiary in Germany to integrate its activities and places Felipe Montero in charge

Berlin-based Iberdrola Deutschland plans to open new offices in cities such as Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich

MADRID, 7 Feb. (-) –

Iberdrola has created Iberdrola Deutschland, which will combine all the business activities of the Spanish company in Germany, and has appointed Felipe Montero as CEO of this new subsidiary, who will be in charge of carrying out the “ambitious” growth plans of the energy company in the country, as well as to integrate all its activities, as reported on Tuesday.

Specifically, the new company will be called Iberdrola Deutschland, a 100% owned subsidiary, whose main line of business is the exploitation of large renewable energy assets and the provision of energy transition services to companies.

These services span the entire decarbonization life cycle and include smart and sustainable solutions for commercial and industrial clients to help them reduce their carbon footprint and meet environmental goals.

Headquartered in Berlin, Iberdrola Deutschland is the largest operator of offshore wind farms in the German Baltic Sea and plans to open new offices in other cities such as Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich in the near future.

Through its ‘Offshore’ and ‘Onshore’ divisions, the company manages the planning, construction and operation of offshore and onshore wind farms, as well as photovoltaic solar plants.

Through its Commercial division, Iberdrola offers its commercial and industrial clients tailored solutions for the supply of green energy, including electricity supply, long-term PPA contracts, portfolio management services and self-consumption photovoltaic solutions.

Likewise, the Iberdrola subsidiary in Germany offers integrated solutions in cross-technology, such as battery storage or green hydrogen for industrial use, as explained by the company.

As top manager, the company has appointed Felipe Montero as CEO of Iberdrola Deutschland, along with an executive team that includes Iris Stempfle, General Manager of the ‘Offshore’ division and Deputy CEO of Iberdrola Deutschland, Martin Stolle, General Manager of the ‘Onshore’ division and Sven Wolf, general manager of the Commercial division.

“Combining all activities under one roof, with a 360-degree integrated business model, allows us to offer our customers and partners the best services to achieve their decarbonization goals, while leveraging the capabilities of a global group such as Iberdrola”, stated Montero.

The manager has extensive international experience in the energy sector, according to the firm.

He is an industrial engineer from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, an electrical engineer from the Polytechnic University of Berlin and a Master’s Degree in Economics from UNED (Spain).

He also studied the MBA at ICADE Business School and Strathclyde University, within the Iberdrola postgraduate program.

He began his professional career in engineering companies in the construction sector and joined Iberdrola in 2010 as an engineer working for the Wikinger offshore wind farm, the first facility of its kind built by Iberdrola in Germany.

In 2017, he was appointed project manager for Baltic Eagle, the offshore wind farm that Iberdrola is currently installing in German waters, successfully leading the team during the project auction and the final investment decision.

In 2020, Montero joined Northland Power as Taiwan’s ‘country manager’, where he led the development of the 1 GW Hai Long offshore wind project in the Taiwan Strait.

Now he returns to Iberdrola as CEO of Iberdrola Deutschland to carry out “the ambitious growth plans that the largest European electricity company has set for itself in a strategic market like Germany”, the company highlighted.

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