I do not want to do a movie with Pawan Kalyan .. it’s mine: Bandla Ganesh


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Power star Pawan Kalyan has a lot of fans. However, there is no doubt that the name of Bandla Ganesh is in the previous line. It is learned that Bandla Ganesh, who had earlier made an industry hit movie like Gabbar Singh with Pawan Kalyan as the producer, has recently announced that he is going to do a film with him again as a producer. However, the movie stopped. In a recent interview, Bandla Ganesh responded to this issue. The manner in which he spoke in this order seemed shocking. Bandla Ganesh’s statement that he does not want to do a film with Pawan Kalyan was amazing. The original took place. If you go into the details of why he spoke ..

“Pawan Kalyan is busy with politics on the one hand. On the other hand, four or five films have been committed. Are in the process of completing them. I will definitely do it if you give me a chance to finish them. There is no truth in the news that the movie has stopped due to clashes with the director. I was with Nagarjuna Sagar. The waters are flowing. Do not think that all water is ours. They are all that type. I will make one hundred percent movies in the future. I like cinema, cinema is my life. Movies are my passion so movies Teesta .. Teesta. I do not want to do a movie with Pawan Kalyan. Because I want him to become the Chief Minister soon.

‘And if Pawan Kalyan gives you MLC, will you take it? If he does, he will become a minister too! ‘ Reacting to the question, Bandla Ganesh said, “I do not want MLCs, Rajya Sabha members, MPs, sir. If the people kindly win as a ward member then that kick is different. Right now I’m in politics. If I get into politics in the future, I will make a decision based on the current situation. Also do not ask me about Botsa Satyanarayanagari, Pavin Kalyangari. Because they love me. I love my family as much as I love them, ”said Bandla Ganesh.


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